Reverse Tooth Decay Naturally By Just Doing This!

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Scott: You now a lot of doctors that we talk to, when we talk about certain conditions in the body, health conditions, they often say diet can reverse that.  Is that the same with what you're talking about, with tooth decay.  Can somebody actually reverse that if they change their lifestyle and diet?

Ramiel Nagel:  Yes.  So every time somebody eats, there body will remineralize or demineralize.  So when you eat a good meal, based on what I describe, a whole foods kind of diet, the your teeth will instantly get harder.  And if you keep doing that, they get harder and harder and harder.  If there's a big hole in the tooth, that hole won't necessarily fill in, but your teeth will get hard, and therefore normal holes will be created.  So it's a cure.  The problem never continues.  You don't need to go get your teeth drilled anymore.  Plaque will decrease, if you eat the right foods.  So the problem is addressed at its cause.



Can tooth decay be reversed? If so, how? Ramiel Nagel discusses this issue and explains how you can reverse tooth decay and improve dental health by improving something you do every day!

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