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Scott: Doctor, talk about the safety of Cognisetin. And is there any risk in taking too much or combining it with other supplements or medications?

Dr. Puya Yazdi: Okay. So, one of the things that's to the best of our knowledge and from the data that's out there, the toxicology data we have, it does not pose, once again, from the best of our knowledge it does not pose any kind of significant health risks for anybody taking it. 

Now, once again, we do recommend a daily dose of 50 to 125 and you don't want to go above that, because what we know is based on that daily range. So, if you take like 10,000 milligrams for it, it's probably very bad for you, might cause damage. So, there's a reason we give a daily dose.

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Puya Yazdi: Now, as far as interacting with other compounds, that's very key. If you are on any kind of medication or you're suffering any kind of disease, you need  to your physician right away that you're thinking about taking this compound. Because without knowing a full list of your medications and medical history, we're not, or anybody is not qualified enough to give you an answer to that who's not your primary care physician.
Dr. Puya Yazdi discusses the safety and the recommended dosage of the cognition supplement 'Cognisetin'.

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