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Interviewer: You touched on safety a little bit, but can you talk a little
about the safety of Magtein and even the dosage? Can we... is it okay if we
take too much or are there possible side effects.

Dr. Guoson Liu: So, as a scientist, obviously, we're always concerned. I
mean, particularly, at some point I was even worried if we give Magtein as
the drug, our concern for safety is much less. The reason for that is the
[inaudible: 00:00:26], if they base a drug on two criteria; ratio between
the improvement, efficacy of the drug divided by the toxicity.

Interviewer: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Liu: So if you looked at anti-cancer drug, almost all the drugs have
significant side effects, but it's okay because they improve your, you
know, help you to live longer. So that's normal.

For the Magnesium [inaudible: 00:00:52], we actually considered two parts.
Magnesium itself is safe. One hundred percent safe. I can say, "Why?"
Because RDA of magnesium is 420 and average America right now take 260. So,
if fact, the supplement we give right now, if you take 2 gram of Magtein is

Interviewer: Okay.

Dr. Liu: So we are just exactly 400. So we have... I mean that's no
problem. But before us, people have tried the other magnesium compound and
someone has given magnesium chloride, 360, to the people for five years and
no side effects. So magnesium, we are very safe and there's no concern.

[Seronase] is a newcomer. Seronase is a vitamin C [inaudible: 00:01:44].
And the good news right now is we found our body our brain contain
seronase. It's a [inaudible: 00:01:51] compound. So it's a part of our
body. And, so, but, you know, if you take a series... it's almost like if
you take the vitamin C for ten years, higher dose regimen of ten  years,
although [inaudible: 00:02:08] has proposed. He himself taking a regimen of
two grams of vitamin C, now we're generating two grams of seronase. Right?
So he already have that.

There is a little bit of concern. So, so far, obviously, we have done the
animal studies show we give the animal much higher dosage of the magnesium
seronase than what we give to human and for their lifetime and we don't see
any problem. And interesting is that before we saw magnesium seronase,
there's another company sold it called calcium seronase has been sold in
the United States for ten years.

So the only thing there is we don't see this kind of long-term human use
and there's no report of toxication. So from that angle there's nothing we
can do. Even the drug, you go to drug, you know, you talk about you give a
drug for 20 years and maybe end of the 20 years some drug, something show
up. So that's something we can only say in animal study we don't see any
toxicity. In fact, our standard is higher than even drug company because we
give this compound for lifetime. Most of the animal study, they only need
to do 90-day toxic study. We do the lifetime. We don't see any. We feel
it's safe.

Interviewer: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Liu: But, of course, we fulfill the FDA regulation. So there are
scientists evaluate our safety profile from animal and human experiment.

Interviewer: Okay.

Dr. Liu: But my philosophy is the last [inaudible: 00:03:46]. Right?

Interviewer: Sure.

Dr. Liu: If you don't know and you take less. Even the food, don't eat too
much. Right?

Interviewer: Yeah.
Is supplementing with magnesium safe? Dr. Guosong Liu talks about the magnesium supplement Magtein and the safety of it based on studies. Dr. Liu discusses the recommended daily amount of magnesium and what most Americans get through their current diet.

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