The 'Science' Behind This Vaccine is Science Fiction!

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Scott: Touch on the HPV vaccine a little bit.  That used to be a very select group of girls, teens through young adults.  Now that's expanded to different age groups and now it's expanded to boys as well.  But that's a vaccine that, it seems, from the people I talk to, we hear the most risk factors and the most side effects from.  

Dr. Tim O'Shea: Yeah.  I have a section on HPV, human papillomavirus vaccine in my textbook, Vaccination is not Immunization.  I also have a couple chapters about it, because there's so much about that disease, on my website, under the chapter section.  So there again, it's like you say, this is a marketing masterpiece, the way they brought this human papillomavirus to market.  For many years, there was a disease that some women would get.  Cancer of the cervix.  For many years it was associated with herpes simplex virus.  And then for no reason at all, they changed that association to the human papillomavirus.  And of course, there's many strains of this virus that are completely harmless.  But suddenly, it's just like they just pronounced that this vac... they pronounced that this virus was a threat that caused this disease in women.  

Now there's something spectacularly, unusually unscientific about the creation of the HPV vaccine.  This vaccine, they were not doing what they usually did, which was you take a wild bacteria, or a wild virus and you attenuate it, you mutate it, so it's not quite as strong as the whole wild version.  And you put it in a vaccine and then you give  that to everybody.  

With the HPV virus... with the HPV vaccine, rather, they did something brand new.  They said that some particles, identifiable particles, in women's bodies were the cause of cancer of the cervix.  And now we can recreate these particles, they weren't even viruses, they were just particles.  And we can manufacture, we can mass produce these into a vaccine and they will trigger antibodies, which will protect women from this dread disease.  

So every step of the way, it made no sense, scientifically.  It was all science fiction.  That's the very short version of that.  But I really recommend that people read my chapters, under the chapter section of the website for that. 


More and more vaccines are 'recommended' for people every year it seems. But how do they get to that point and what is the science behind them? The HPV vaccine was originally recommended for young girls, but now it's been expanded to young boys as well. Dr. Tim O'Shea discusses what he calls the science fiction behind this vaccine. Decide for yourself whether or not it's something you would trust to be given to your kids. The science behind this vaccine is science fiction!

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