The Secret of Blood Sugar and Health

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A: I want to give you a chance to talk a little bit about your book. We've talked about a whole lot of things, but your book goes into these in much more detail. Who would be a good candidate to take a look at your book, and what other secrets do you have that are in there?

B: I created the program and wrote Body Confidence simply to provide the answers that, as we've shared today. The book is for not just using weight. Blood sugar works for everyone. I've worked with so many athletes who want to gain muscle. I've worked with kids who are underweight that want to gain weight. So there's a goal type one for people who want to lose weight, burn fat, and tone up, and there's a goal type two for people who want to build lean muscle mass, the 3% of the population that are underweight.

So my goal with all of it was, if someone has a chronic disease like fibromyalgia, like my wife, or chronic fatigue, or digestive challenges like Crohn's or colitis, the program would work for them. If someone wanted to lose weight and ditch dieting, it would work for them. If someone wanted to gain weight, it would work for them. The book, to me, is really about the way we start taking back control of our health, and providing people with real, authentic solutions. Not only does it set you up with a plan to win, it goes deeper. It sets you up with how to break through plateaus, how to deal with cost versus pay off.

I love food, I love pizza. If I could eat a large pepperoni every single day I would. There's a cost to that. I don't feel as good, I don't have the right energy, I can't be the best dad I want to be. It's all about understanding how to make it work and balance it out. I can't just, what dieters do, they love food. It's a  payoff, it's a release, because we all need escapes, and they cut that out and they don't replace it with anything.

So when I'm craving something, or I've had a stressful day and just want to escape, you know, my old habit was to go to food. Now I'll watch a movie or I'll listen to music. You have to replace those payoffs. It's not just about getting the plan, it's about shifting you behaviors so you can set up to win, and understand that you're not going to be perfect. You know, we're all going to fall off our plan. It's not if, it's when, and how quickly you get back on.

So to me, it's about the opportunity to take back control of the progress. I've been fighting this battle since 1995. Every day we get stronger. It's exciting to see the progress, and to see how we're able to help people really understand food, understand their body, and live with body confidence.

Nutritionist Mark Macdonald recently released a book that discusses weight loss, weight gain and the relationship to blood sugar. He discusses the book here and who might benefit from reading it as well as what you can learn.

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