She Beat Breast Cancer, But She Would Do This Differently!

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Scott: So what would you do differently if you got diagnosed again, knowing what you know now.  And I guess, it's actually the same as asking what you do now since you do have the knowledge.

Jenny Hrbacek:  Right, right, right, right, right.  I would do a lumpectomy.  But this is the problem.  They won't do a lumpectomy without you agreeing to radiation.  So I probably would've had to fib, and get the lumpectomy and run.  Because I don't want radiation.  And then I would've done integrative therapies to kill the remaining circulating tumor cells.  And I would've never had a biopsy in the first place.  I could've found the cancer with an oncoblot test.    It would've told me breast cancer.  We could've done an ultrasound, we could've went in and removed it with clean margins and not, you know, not disturbed all this tissue.  I looked like an eggplant from the needles that they had stuck in me.  It was terrible.  I could've saved myself a whole... a year of my life I lost to this.  And then I donated the last three years writing this book when I kept finding... back to that conference that I was at, I found four tests at that one conference.  And I thought 'why isn't the public knocking these people over to get in here.'  Because people just don't know, that this stuff exists.  It's there and the doctors don't know to order it. 


Jenny Hrbacek is a registered nurse. She battled breast cancer through conventional treatments. Only after going through that did she find out treatments and tests she wished she would've had knowledge about before those treatments. Here, she talks about what she would've done different, knowing what she does now.

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