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Scott: I have kids that are in school and every year you need to submit their immunization records and things like that.  So if you don't have that filled out properly, that's almost how you feel.  That you're falling behind.  You know, that you're not doing what you should do if everything's not checked off on this list. 

Sherri Tenpenny: And how strongly is that indoctrination?  It's pushed at every level.  It's pushed from every level of government, school systems, school nurses who are completely under-informed.  Because the truth of the matter is every single state, every state has an exemption.  There are ways that your children can go to school without having, getting a single shot. There are 19 states that have what's called a philosophical exemption.  Which means you have looked at the risk of the disease and the risk of the vaccine.  And you go, I think, if both of them can cause my children to get sick and both of them can cause my children to die.  I'm going to err on the side of perhaps they might get the disease, and I'm going to do everything I can to keep them from getting sick.  Make sure they get vitamin c and vitamin d and feed them organic and do all of these things, wash their hands and keep them healthy.  Because that is something I can control.  I can do my best to keep them from getting sick.  Once that injection goes into their body, I have zero control over that outcome.  Zero.  And I have no idea what the consequences are going to be today, tomorrow, next week or next year from that stuff that gets injected into my children.  

So I look at the risk of the illness, which they may not get.  The risk of the vaccine, which they really could get harm from.  I'm going to err on the side of this.  I'm going to be proactive parent.

Now, in a state that has a philosophical exemption, all you have to do is fill out a form.  Ask the school for a form.  Some school systems, all you have to do is write a two sentence letter that says 'I don't want my child to have vaccines.'  Here, put it in your record.  Because what the school systems are required to do is to have either a completed vaccination form on file, or a letter from the parent that says I understand the issues and I don't want my child to have any of those.

So there's 19 states with a philosophical exemption.  All 50 states have a religious exemption.  And some states, that's harder than others in order to implement.  And that's a very long discussion and sometimes you need to even talk to a professional that knows how to deal with that, a religious exemption in your state.  Only West Virginia and Mississippi are the two states in the union that really have, only have a medical exemption and it's really hard to get your child exempted. 

They're actually putting a big push on actually wanting to have all the home schooled children vaccinated, because they think they're just like contaminating the entire population.  So now they're going after ways to say, 'in order to for you to get your school books to home school, you're going to have to show your vaccination record.'  That is not officially on the books yet.  So I want to repeat that.  That is something that is being discussed in all the public health journals, behind the scenes, because they really believe that all these kids will be vaccinated.  

Which brings up a really good point about the premises about the vaccine industry.  Because it's based on three false premises to begin with.  The first premise is that every single person is going to be exposed to these vaccine preventable microbes.  Everybody is going to be exposed to measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, chicken pox, polio, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, seven strains of strep, rotavirus.  Everybody's going to be exposed.  Everybody.  Which simply isn't true.  Not everybody's exposed.

The second part is if you're exposed, you will get sick.  And we know that's not true.  An example like in a classroom with like an outbreak of like strep throat, or mono, or the flu.  I mean, everybody in that classroom has been exposed, but not everybody gets sick.  In an airplane, you might have people that are sick, on an airplane, coughing and sneezing.   When people get off that airplane, they don't walk down the gateway and keel over.  Or they don't, everybody doesn't go home and get sick.  So we know the premise that if you're... everyone's going to get exposed is not true.  If you get exposed, you're going to get sick is not true, because some people don't.  Because health is an inside-out phenomenon.

The third part is if you get vaccinated, you won't get sick.  And we know that's not true either.  Because there are large populations of people vaccinated that do get the diseases anyways.  So if you know that those three things are false premises, why would you want to inject any of that stuff in your body?


What choices do you have when it comes to making decisions about vaccinations for your kids? Can you opt out and still send them to schools? Dr. Sherri Tenpenny discusses parents' options and the decisions they can make. She also discusses what she calls the three false premises of the vaccine industry. Find out what she says does not make sense. She nails 3 false premises of the vaccine industry at 2:50 of this video!

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