The Shocking REAL Reason for Early Cancer Detection

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Interviewer:Doctor, you touched on early detection. Is there any benefit to thatwhatsoever? I mean we're told over and over and over the earlier you can detectit, the better off you're going to be.

 Dr.Leonard Coldwell: In my opinion absolutely not. The earlier they detect it, theearlier they start murdering you in my opinion. Because chemotherapy, forexample, is originally based on mustard gas. Mustard gas was invented as a warchemical to kill soldiers in the first and second world war. It was forbiddenafter the Geneva Convention. They put it directly into the blood stream ofpeople. Chemotherapy causes cancer. Radiation causes cancer. Surgery usuallybreaks down the immune system and spreads the cancer really fast throughout theentire system.

Ifyou see people coming into cancer treatment, into chemotherapy treatment andradiation treatment, they look pretty normal, like you and I. Look at them tendays later. They look 15 to 20 years older. And some people you don't evenrecognize anymore. So in my opinion early detection is just creating earlycustomers for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Idon't believe in early detection as a tool of prevention or cure because thereare absolutely no conclusive studies done which prove that there's any realbenefit in preventing cancer or in treating cancer successfully due to earlydetection means. And we all need to look at the facts that basically allexperts I've ever spoken to that produce real results state that everybody hasan average of 6 to 12 times cancer in his or her lifetime. It's usually thatyou have a lack of energy, you have a bad time.  Dr. Simoncini is a great,great cancer healer and I think he's [??] in Texas. And he wrote a wonderfulbook. I think it was Prognosis Hope or something like that. No, "GettingWell Again." And he basically stated that mainly when cancer was diagnosed18 to 26 months before the person said directly or indirectly, I do not want tolive any longer,due to a divorce, loss of a child, loss of a 40 year long timejob. Something dramatic that made the person not want to live any more in thiskind of environment such as a bankruptcy and all these kinds of elements. Thatwas really significant. 

The greatcancer healer, Dr. Bernie Segal,  professor, medical doctor, stated in hisbook, "Prognosis Hope" and in seminars that the second somebody getsa diagnosis of cancer the immune system goes down over 90% at the moment whenit needs to go up. So basically even just the diagnosis of cancer could killyou hypothetically. 

My mom isnot allowed to go to any form of early detection. My wife isn't allowed to. Mysister isn't allowed to. And they would never do that because they've seen meworking with cancer patients all of my life, and I know what I'm talking about. My book, "The Only Answer to Cancer" after 18 months is now inits 6th edition. It took just 18 months to be in its 6th edition. So it's amost sold book out there in regards to help for cancer patients, information,education. But you do not see my book on any best seller list interestinglyenough. So there are some other forces at work.


Dr. Leonard Coldwell says there is no benefit to early cancer detection, despite what we're commonly told. He also explains why he thinks the medical community continues to push for early diagnosis. You might be shocked as to why this continues to happen!

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