Should You Stay Away From These Harmful Cancer Tests?

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Interviewer:  Ty, when we talk about earlydetection, and, and current methods to do that, is that still a good thing todo?

Ty:  Yeah.

Interviewer:  We hear a lot of dangers ofmammograms, and this and that, but overall?

Ty:  Yeah early detection's great, dependson what you use to detect, right? Mammograms cause cancer, its radiation. Earlydetection with a biopsy for PS... Let's say you have a PSA that's high, and youget a do a biopsy. That's not good because a biopsy, it, it seeds the cancer,makes it spread. PSA's not even prostrate specific by the way, it's a antigenthat even females have, so it's not specific to prostrate cancer anyway, butit's not even a good measurement test. Biopsy are, as I said is bad. The besttest that I know is called the AMAS test, it stands for Anti Malignant AntibodySerum. And I think UNCO Labs is a lab up in the northeast Boston area. JustGoogle AMAS in Boston. AMAS in uh, UNCO, you can find out where to do that,where to get that test, they'll mail it to you and your physician. You can dothe blood works, send it back to the AMAS lab, and they'll, they'll tell you ifyou have cancer or not. It's a very uninvasive test, doesn't require a biopsyor anything like that. The Navarro urine test is also another good test thatyou can do to diagnose cancer. So I'm not against early detection, earlydetection is great, cause then you know if you need, need to alter your diet,your life style, your whatever your doing to, to correct the cancer. I'm justagainst the, the invasive types of early detection. Oh, you know one more Iforgot about too real quick was Thermography. Thermography is great.

Interviewer:  As a replacement therapy.

Ty:  As a replacement for Mammograms yeah,I was just, there's a lady that's speaking about thermography tomorrow here atthe conference, but yeah. So instead of dosing your breasts with ionizingradiation, thermography is just blowing cool air over the breast, and thencancer spots remain as a red hot spot on the thermal image. Very simple, youjust blow cool air over the lady's breasts. What could be better than that? Andthe test it finds breast cancer up to five years before mammograms would, soit's a better test, and it's less invasive. It doesn't cause cancer,unfortunately most insurance doesn't pay for it, and that's a problem a lot oftimes with folks. They don't have insurance coverage they can't do it.


It may be a good idea to get regular cancer screening, but not when the screening itself is dangerous! Cancer researcher Ty Bollinger discusses some screening methods that do much more harm than good. He also mentions some much safer options.

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