Signs That Hormone Replacement Might Work For You

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Scott: So if somebody's looking for some help and they've heard about hormone replacement, what are some of the signs that that might be something that they should look into?

Erin Lommen: A woman in menopause, you mean . . .

Scott: Yeah.

Erin Lommen: . . . in terms of when they're looking.

Scott: Or even before menopause. What are some of the warning signs . . .

Erin Lommen: Right.

Scott: . . . or the red flags that say this . . . 

Erin Lommen: From women, a lot of women are running into hormonal imbalances premenstrually. The whole PMS kind of idea. That is a precursor to some of what can happen in menopause. So we see our younger groups of women coming through for extreme symptoms of perhaps irritability, anxiety, can be weight gain, things like that, during that time. The belly fat, and when I say belly fat, I'm saying that intentionally to say the distribution of weight gain is right in the midsection, that's a particular type of weight gain, and it's a hormonal issue. That's what I'm trying to say if I haven't articulated that in other ways.

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Erin Lommen: The insulin resistance is very tied in to women's hormones in a different way than it is for men.

Scott: So it is different for men? Because men will . . .

Erin Lommen: It is.

Scott: . . . oftentimes get that same . . .

Erin Lommen: . . . aging. It's oversimplifying a little, but men's testosterone is going down, and that's part of their issue with that insulin resistant weight gain. Women's testosterone will be going up as a result of too high insulin and belly fat. So it's a little bit of reverse scenario there.
Could hormone replacement work for you? How do you know? Dr. Erin Lommen explains some of the symptoms of hormone imbalance. Those symptoms might indicate that hormone replacement might be able to help balance the hormones and alleviate the symptoms.

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