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Scott: When it comes to adrenal health, I know you can test for certain things.  Is there something or some signs that people just can, at home, can say, can look at and find out that, you know, my adrenals might be leading to this or might be the cause of this?

Philip Weeks: I mean, what can happen, the first stage is that people are relying on stimulants to get through the day.  So that's the first stage.  So if it means that people can't get through the day without caffeine or without stimulants, then they're already at some point on that scale.  So we should be able to have healthy, happy productive lives without using caffeine.  I love coffee, but I don't drink it, because I know if I drink coffee, it's going to mean that stress hormones are going to take longer to detoxify from my body.   I don't need more stress hormones for any longer than I need to.  So if you're needing stimulants to get through the day, then that's a sign, really, that already your running a little bit on empty and you need to change the way that you're living your life.

Scott: As we get older, we hit that mid-afternoon, kind of crash too.  Is that a sign as well?  I mean I think that happens to a lot of people in their 40s where mid-afternoon, late afternoon they just want to sleep?

Weeks: I think that happens to people even younger than that, right?  I think that however, that's normally a sign that something's not quite working right.  So I see it either people are having issues with their blood sugar levels.  So they're maybe not eating too many refined carbohydrates, they're not eating enough protein with each meal.  I mean, maybe some people need a nap for 20 minutes every day.  Maybe that's what they should be doing rather than taking a stimulant.  So there's all kinds of ways we can promote sort of balance in our lifestyle, but if that's occurring, then often that's a sign that there's something happening with people's blood sugars, and the body's not dealing with, maybe insulin correctly and all kinds of things.  These are all little signs that we should look out for that maybe we should be doing something.  We get indicators.  We rarely just get ill.  We get kind of all these different signs on the way there which we need to listen to in order for us to prevent getting some kind of chronic illness when we get older.


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Philip Weeks discusses adrenal health in this video. Find out what things you can look for that might be a signal that you could be starting to have adrenal health issues. Learn the first signs that things might not be working quite right when it comes to your adrenal glands!

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