A Simple Explanation of Grounding and its Benefits

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Scott: You touched on grounding and we've talked to a couple people about that.  Explain a little bit more about what that is, how you do it and what happens to your body when you do that.  

Dr. Elizabeth Plourde: The radiations are causing this oxidation damage.  And so that oxidation damage winds up with an unpaired electron and that unpaired electron is causing damage.  So when you sleep grounded or you're walking barefoot, you're bringing up the electrons out of the earth so it's bringing up into your body and it repairs the damage that's happening from the oxidation damage.  So I liken it to you're kind of drinking an antioxidant juice all night, to do the repair that your body needs to do and can do.  It can do, if it's offered the right things and the grounding absolutely does, it really does. 


Dr. Elizabeth Plourde discusses the concept of grounding and how it can provide a health benefit. Find out what it is and how it can help your body heal with its antioxidant properties.

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