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Interviewer: When it comes to diet, I think that's a big problem for people. What's the biggest problem you see when it comes to diet? What are most people doing wrong?

Dr. Vladimir Gordin: Well, what they've been doing wrong for the last 10,000 years, when they invented agriculture. Right now it's got even worse for only one simple reason. Convenience. People like it to be convenient. And sugar. 

Interviewer: Yeah.

Dr. Vladimir Gordin: So if you're going to take all the sugar, or refined stuff, over processed stuff and start looking at things that have been at least 200 years ago. Eat food, for example, a few slogans. Eat food which can get rotten, but eat it before it does. Do not eat prepackaged food. Simple enough, I think so. You need to cook your meal by yourself from fresh stuff. Something which you can grow. Okay? If you're going to do that, well you're going to be better off. There are many fad diets in the market, huge amounts. The record in my office, one woman dropped weight, 84 pounds, four months. At the top she did some tae kwon do, so it helped her burn more calories. Male record, 120 pounds, one year. And we're talking about healthy drop of weight, people who do not gain it back. So people who are actually doing some stuff, helping detox and clean up because anyone can lose weight very easy. Here's bread and water. Eat it for a month. Okay? You're going to lose weight because you're going to drop everything. But you're going to be very sick after that, I'm sure. So you need to make it a healthy way. Issues with diet are very simple to fix. Eat things which are going to nurture your body. And here's a very little thought. It's not my thought. It's actually from Natasha Campbell. But she kind of a made a thought which is very popular right now. If you want to build your body, you need proteins and fats. If you want to clean your body, you need vegetables and fruits. Everything else kind of stays in between in case you need calories. I mean, thank god we have agriculture because otherwise humanity wouldn't be able to grow and prosper and do so because one person can feed many. Hunters gatherers do not have the leisure. One person can feed two. There is a place for everything. But thanks for agriculture we can grow vegetables. We can grow fruit. If you're going to use less sugar, health will get better. Well it's a little more complicated than that, but my strong, my personal opinion, my professional opinion if you actually want to help people to get better, you need to be on a paleo diet, and a very specific one, paleo winter, not paleo summer. I call it phase one. Actually I wrote a book about it. But, if people are going to do that, they get stronger, they get healthy. I'm not a fanatic. You don't have to be a fanatic. It's your birthday, have a chocolate cake, a good quality one of course. Okay? If it's your kid's birthday, you want to have a great time. Go with friends, have some tequila, vodka, whatever makes you happy. But you're not doing it every day. Even strong people can play around sometimes. You have to be reasonable. But when you are talking about people who are actually in need of health support, there is something wrong with them, you need to be reasonably strict with them.

Dr. Vladimir Gordin discusses some of the bigger problems when it comes to the American diet and people trying to lose weight. Instead of fad diets, he offers one simple rule to follow to become healthier and find an ideal weight.

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