Sleep: A Major Key to Healing

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Interviewer:  Doctor, how important is sleep?
Dr. James Wilson:  Oh, sleep is critical. Yeah. Sleep is number one. I used
to say, "If you can't sleep, buy a sledgehammer."
Interviewer:  [laughs]
Dr. Wilson: What I mean is, it's important to sleep any way that you can. A
lot of times now, if you simply take those four herbs before bed, about 40
drops in a glass of water along with 400 milligrams of magnesium citrate
and then maybe some progesterone cream rubbed into the temples or along
here, or on the wrist about half an hour beforehand, and hat will usually
help you sleep.
But if you need more, if you need flurazepam or another kind of drug or
herbs to help you sleep, please do anything you can to sleep, because it's
a key in healing. No matter what illness, but especially in adrenal
fatigue, please sleep eight hours a day if at all possible, and get the
deepest sleep that you can.
Now, some people have blood sugar problems, so they wake up in the middle
of the night. A lot of times we can mediate that by simply having a cracker
with peanut butter on it, before they go to bed; one or two crackers. Just
a little bit of a compact of a carbohydrate and a protein, to get them
through that low blood sugar time, and get them into the morning hours.
And they could sometimes have a little snack beside their bedside, so they
wake up, they can take it and go back to sleep again. They don't need
medication. But other times they do, so it's a matter of experimentation to
see if you can do anything you can, to make yourself sleep, because that's
one of the keys. I'm so glad you brought that up.

Just how important is sleep? Dr. James L. Wilson describes the role sleep plays in healing and overall health. Find out some simple tips you can do to make sure you get enough and quality sleep to help heal your body.

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