Sleep: THE Most Important Repair Mechanism!

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Scott: How important is sleep, then?  Is it just amount, or the quality?

Dr. Ed Park: It's all about the sleep. That's what people don't realize. When you sleep, your brain is repairing, and your body's repairing. I take a nutraceutical thalamus activation, and I believe that it works and I believe that it accelerates your hearing. 

People who can't afford to take it, I say, take it on the days that you had a hard day. If you're pretty good with the gym, the eating, the lifestyle, the attitude, your thalamus activity is high, whereas if you are chronically ill, depressed, hopeless, then you don't sleep well and you get thalamic damage that's not repaired. If you can't afford the pills, just take them on bad days, and then you won't have that deterioration. You've seen when people's loved one gets cancer or they go through stress. It hits you fast. That's in direct relation to the inability to repair that night.It's a night-by-night struggle, so sleep is the key. If you can get thalamus activation with a good lifestyle, it's just the same as popping a pill. Now, thankfully, there's a pill that can help you do that too.
Dr. Ed Park is an expert in stem cells, telomerase and aging. He discusses sleep and explains why this every day event is perhaps the most important when it comes to repairing and healing the damage done to our body.

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