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Reducing calories has long been known to show beneficial health effects like slowing the physiological signs of aging.  But it can be difficult and sometimes dangerous for people to do.  Now there could be a safer way to get similar results… in the form of a supplement.   It’s called nicotinamide riboside, or NR, and a study out of Colorado is showing it can affect the same chemical pathways and mimic calorie restriction.  The study also showed the supplement improved blood pressure and arterial health, especially in those with mild hypertension.

The lead author stressed the study was small but it provides scientists with a foundation for further study into the supplement.

You’ve heard the term everything in moderation… especially when it comes to diet.  But a recent study in Georgia might have people thinking again.

The study gave 10 healthy men a single high-fat milkshake, similar to what you might find in a restaurant.  The study looked at the actual red blood cells of the individuals found they were quickly transformed into spiky cells that could potentially cause damage to blood vessels.  The men also had an immune response similar to one brought on by an infection.   The shift was temporary… but the authors reminded that there is a definite cumulative effect from this type of eating and that it could explain some rare occasions of death or heart attack right after eating high fat meals.

Are you looking for a way to reduce your exposure to toxins?  Try eating at home more…

A recent study out of George Washington University found that eating out at restaurants may increase your levels of chemicals called phthalates… which are often used in food packaging and processing materials.  Phthalates are also known to disrupt hormones and are linked to a number of health issues.  The study found that those who were highest consumers of fast food and other food bought outside the home had as much as 55 percent higher levels of phthalates compared to those who ate food at home.

One of the authors added that another bonus of preparing food at home of course, is meals typically lower in sugar and unhealthy fats and salt.

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Those are a couple of the topics in this week's headlines. Find out how a supplement is showing promise activating a pathway in the body that's typically linked to calorie reduction. Also learn another reason why eating at home might be healthier than going out. And find out what shocking affects one simple milkshake might have on your health!

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