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Q: On the site that you have, it mentions cleansing your body as part of a weight loss plan. Are you talking about detoxing, and why does that help?

A: Yes, we are talking about detoxing, and the reason we do a detoxing regime, and we call it a feast, a liquid feast. We don't call it a cleanse or a fast, we call it a liquid feast. The reason we do this is because the acids that Doctor Young has been talking about get trapped in the tissues and we have tissue acidosis. The only way to get those out of the tissues and back into the bloodstream is to put people on a liquid feast or a cleanse, where their body is given some rest and everything is in a purv©ed form, liquified form. So we make green smoothies in the morning. We have people that drink raw green juices with a little bit of almond milk. We call it green milk. Green soups, lots of different soups that we give people, but it's all liquid. And this goes into the bloodstream, goes into the intestinal villi, and helps to build blood while it's also cleansing the system, so the acids come out of the tissues back into the bloodstream, and that's where we sometimes have people htat get detox systems, headaches, rashes, bloating, throwing up, those types of things, and they can get it even a little more serious than that, but usually, people do really well after the first three days. They kind of get back over that hump, and they're running clean and clear again, and then they start building, so it's dependent on the health and the integrity of the intestinal villi and microvilli, and we have nine yards of small, bowel, right, with a surface are, if we took that surface area of the nine yards of the intestine and spread it out, we would have a absorptive area where we can actually absorb and make new blood, of a tennis court. That big. I think that's always good to picture, and I think that's hard for people to believe, but it's absolutely the truth, and it makes our literal root system, the intestinal villi, something very, very vital to good health and building blood.

Q: If someone's doing it, taking these juices or juicing greens, can that be a normal way of constantly detoxifying then, if they're doing that on a regular basis?

A: Well, I think, when you constantly give your diet, and start your day with greens with the chlorophyll molecule, the thing about the chlorophyll molecule is it's identical in its structure to our blood hemoglobin. So rather than feeling like you're detoxing all the time, it's more after you go through detoxing to get your health back. It's more like giving yourself a blood transfusion because you're building more than you're detoxing all the time, but certainly, the oxygen prevalent in the foods that we're eating, and the electrons, when we're adding these drops to our drinks, and all the [nascent] oxygen that we add, would certainly prevent against any more toxins taking hold in our system. It takes 20 parts alkalinity to neutralize one part acidity. That is how we're engineered, kind of like our temperature is 98.6, this ratio of 20 to one is how we can never over-optimize. Because all of our body functions are acidic, but by design, we're alkaline. So if we're constantly replacing those alkalizing factors with green food and green drinks, we never get into the deficit where acids can really take us over. But you know, there are signals and physical signs that would tell us we're too acidic. Any type of headache is usually brain-bowel connected, and we know that headaches are usually, they're either coming off coffee, or chocolate, or lots of meat and high proteins and things like that. So, there's little signals that our body gives us, but once we become alkaline and once we're detoxed, the mind fog clears up, the eyes are brighter, the skin is without blemish, you can run for miles, you can really exercise well without any pain, all the inflammatory conditions that somebody wants to have go away. So the pain decreases from the joints and the muscles. And people just really usually, for the most part, start feeling better after three days.
Shelley Redford Young discusses the benefits of a liquid cleanse to help remove acid buildup from tissues. She also discusses the benefits of building healthy blood through the detox.

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