Stress is #1 Enemy to Your Health!

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Dr. Jamie Wright discusses stress, what he calls 'public enemy number one' when it comes to your health. Find out why it's so bad and how it led him to change his career path.


Interviewer: You talked about stress a little bit. Fatigue and stress are something that I think most people feel on a daily basis, sometimes more than they should in a day. How big of a problem in that?

Dr. Jamie Wright: I would consider that stress is probably public enemy number one. and the number one side effect in my humble opinion of stress is fatigue. Probably number two is going to be anxiety or depression, or just a general sense of I'm not well. One of the things I ask my clients is on a scale of 1-10, vitality score. 10 being I can't imagine doing anything more than I do, or feeling any better than I do, one being I can't imagine feeling any worse than I do. Where are you at? The number one answer is in a range of four to six.

This is interesting even in young people in their 20's that I ask this question to. Did you not have robust health and they don't even really know what the word vitality means.

Interviewer: Sure.

Dr. Jamie Wright: So vitality to me is being able to do whatever it is you want to do. Or vitality might be considered you have the physical or physiological resources to be able to do whatever it is you want. Americans don't think about that, we're just getting by. So stress and fatigue are the number one way that I can communicate the message of well being or wellness to people, because everybody gets it and it's one of the driving forces behind why I left OBGYN. I was just burned out. I had a sick wife, my patients were struggling with these things and I knew that the hormone, the birth control pills, and the hysterectomies and the anti-depressants did not do the job.