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Scott: You mentioned magnesium.  I think a lot of people that I've talked to in the last few years, connect calcium and magnesium more now than what most people probably hear.  Why are those two connected so much now?

Dr. Thomas Levy:  Calcium and magnesium are the yin and the yang in the body, ok?  High levels of one pushes down the levels of the other.  And this is why magnesium is absolutely so critical now for the reasons I'm talking about is, we've now identified that increased intercellular calcium levels are really at the root, nonspecifically, of all chronic degenerative diseases.  And the more you can get magnesium in, the more you can drop those calcium levels.  So unfortunately, a lot of people have it wrong because they just know that there's a relationship with calcium and magnesium so they get the idea, I need to take a Cal-Mag product.  No.  You don't need to take any calcium at all.  What you do need to do is push your magnesium, basically to the limits of bowel tolerance, which is what ultimately holds you back on how much magnesium you supplement.  But you need to pretty much take as much magnesium on a regular basis as your intestine can tolerate.  And most people can figure that out after a few days.  And this will give you your best chance of minimizing the calcium impact inside the cell.

Magnesium as a nutrient, is also a calcium-channel blocker.  It actually works like the calcium-channel blocker prescription drugs, to block the channels that the cell uses to pull calcium inside them.  So it helps decrease calcium coming in, it helps dissolve outside calcium deposits and it very importantly, suppresses the pathological activity of excess calcium inside the cell. 


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Find out where most people have it wrong when it comes to a couple of nutrients that work hand-in-hand. Dr. Thomas E. Levy discusses calcium and magnesium and how one may be at the root of many diseases and how the other can help combat that! It's a supplement so many of us take, but he says it's not needed!

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