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A common supplement could be the center of new research into many seizure disorders… including epilepsy.  New research out of Alabama is finding an interesting connection between pathological hyper excitability in brain neurons… which are linked to seizure disorders… and a dietary supplement.  Researchers used rat and mouse models and found that the supplement glucosamine induced a biochemical alteration in brain proteins… that was able to dampen that hyperexcitability.

The findings potentially open the door to new treatment therapies… but they also show the need to understand better the physiology behind these changes in the brain’s circuitry

And another supplement is showing promise for premature babies with low bone density.  The study done in Nebraska found that if the normal supplementation of 400 international unites of vitamin D was doubled… there was a reduction in the number of preterm babies with extremely low bone density.  Currently… recommendations of vitamin D supplementation for preterm infants varies … but the hope is that more neonatologists will give 800 international units… since standard vitamin D dosing in preterm infants can still result in impaired bone health.

Here’s more good news for those of you who like broccoli… in addition to it’s many health benefits… it may also help promote a healthy gut.

Research out of Penn State used mouse models found that those who consumed broccoli with their regular diet… were able to tolerate digestive issues better.  The issues ranged from symptoms of leaky gut and colitis.  Keeping the gut healthy is key to not only absorbing nutrients but also protecting the intestines from toxins and harmful microorganisms.

The researchers found that cruciferous vegetables… like broccoli contain a chemical compound… which, when broken down, binds to receptors in the intestinal lining aiding in a number of healthy benefits.

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