Tap Water is Poisonous!

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Interviewer: You mentioned water and you have a book called The Healing Power of Water.  Is that still something that's overlooked by most people?  I think a lot of people think, I get it in my coffee, I get it in my soda and this and that.  How important is it and how overlooked it that?

Dr. Darren Weissman: Well you know what's so interesting is, water in coffee is not water, it's coffee.  And coffee's a diuretic meaning it pulls water out of us.  Water is an amazing conversation.  The same percentage of water that's on the planet is the same percentage of water that's in our body.  And the same water that was around during the time of the dinosaurs is still around right now.  It re filters and recycles.  Our water re filters and recycles.  And so a different aspect is quantity, quality and frequency of water it's so important.  You know too things that I find right off the bat when people come to see me as a holistic physician is that they're dehydrated and their blood sugar is whacked out.  And if they can balance their blood sugar and get themselves hydrated they'll make a huge change.

Now there's a lot of controversy as far as, oh what's the right kind of water? Can't I just drink tap water?  How about bottled water?  Different things like that.  In my experience I have found that tap water is poisonous.  It's got chemicals that, thank God we actually have municipalities that rather than like in Bangladesh where potentially you've got all kinds of different microbes and at least we can take care of that.  However the municipalities don't have the filtration to actually filter out all the medications that people are on in the world.  And so that goes into our tap water.  We shower in it, we drink it.  People are getting chemo therapies and radiation and anti psychotics and birth control pills for everybody.  They find it all over the place.  So I find it's very important to drink a good filtered water.  

Then when you think about, how about RO?  Reverse Osmosis.  That's got to be a great water.  It's the cleanest water you'll ever drink.  It's dead though.  It's dead water.  There's nothing in it.  And water naturally has minerals in it and water naturally takes the energy of a mountain and it takes on that magnetic energy, takes the energy of the sun.  So there's different properties of ph and aspects of mineralization and that clusterization.  There's a whole conversation of water which to me makes a big difference.  I use a certain kind of water in my practice and for myself that I really feel makes a huge change for people.  It's called PiMag water.  But do your research and check it out and be educated.  But water's huge component.  

And not just water that you're drinking but when you think certain thoughts and you feel certain emotions the water of your body is effected in it's structure.  That's the essence of Dr. Massuri Moto's [?] work.  That when we're under a certain emotional state of being that water will either crystallize or it won't form a crystal.  Crystals conduct electricity.  Without a crystal there's no electricity.  I want to send you a text, the reason I can send you a text or give you a call is because you've got crystals in your cell phone.  We've got crystals in our body too.  And so our emotional state of being effect the crystalline state of the water.  And that water conducts electricity and our brain communicates with electrical impulses so it's a whole other level of then emotional tie in with the quality of water and dot, dot, dot.


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That's what Dr. Darren Weissman says in this important video about water. He discusses the importance of water for our bodies. He also discusses different types of water from water straight from the tap, to reverse osmosis. Find out the kind of water he recommends!

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