On These Prescriptions? They May Actually Increase Risk of Death!

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Interviewer:  The fact the drug companies can advertise right to consumers:
ask your doctor about this. Everybody is happy in those commercials. The
men are happy with their wives. The men over 50 are having sex all the
time. How much of a factor has that been to where we are now in the
national healthcare picture? That these drug companies now can reach out
directly to consumers?
Dr. Murray:  It's a huge problem. Prior to 1997 it was illegal for drug
companies to market their drugs directly to consumers. Since they've been
able to do that it's increased the number of prescriptions each year by 38
million. So we're seeing a lot of people on medications that probably
shouldn't be on those medications. One group of drugs that I'm really
trying to get the word out on, on how bad they are, are the sedative-
hypnotic drugs. The drugs like Lunesta, Valium, Halcion, Restoril, these
are bad drugs. And the reason I say that is that there have been very
large, well-designed population-based studies that show when people start
taking these drugs it actually increases their risk of mortality, of dying.
It increases there risk of dying significantly. It increases their risk of
developing any form of cancer by 35%. A 22 year study done in the U.K.
showed that when people started taking sedative-hypnotic drugs it increased
their risk for developing dementia by 400%. People get seduced by these
commercials and think that these drugs are the answer, when if you really
think about it, they're not. We don't become depressed because we're
lacking Prozac or Zoloft. We don't develop arthritis because we're lacking
Advil or Motrin. There are better approaches, and those better approaches
involve taking charge of your health, eating right, living right, thinking
right, and supporting your body's processes through proper nutritional

Dr. Michael Murray discusses some little known side effects from a very common class of prescription drugs. You've likely seen numerous commercials for these drugs that show everyone well rested and happy. But doctor Murray says these drugs significantly increase the risk of a number of conditions including cancer and even death!

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