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Hello my name is Dr. Bob DeMaria, the drugless doctor, and I want to share
with you the recent report that came out that supplementation  is probably
not the best for each and every one of you. Well, I've  been practicing
since 1978 and I have had conversation with my practice members in regard
to this recent article. And I'm not here to throw stones at the article, my
whole point is this: I have individuals that have been unhealthy for  years
because the food that they have consumed maybe is nutrient deficient, and
by adding supplements to their life, they've helped improve overall
function. The real challenge I have is there are 4 people, there are 4
people that made a decision that these products don't promote health. But
you know what concerns me is all the bad effects from all the drugs that
everybody's taking. Do you now 160,000 people die every year from properly
prescribed medication? Do you think 160,000 die every year from nutritional
supplementation? So, I would encourage you to find a health  care provider
to work with you to maybe be a little bit more specific on what needs your
body has because I can tell you for myself, I take supplements every day.
And I'm going to  be 60 years old and I know those supplement have made a
huge difference in my body. So, sit down, evaluate the products that you're
taking right now and if they  made a difference in your body, continue
taking them. Remember this, whole food is also very important, so don't
live a life of reckless abandon and expect some multiple supplements or any
type of product to make a difference in your life. it is time for you to
take some responsibility for what you're putting on in your body also. My
name is Dr. Bob DeMaria, the drugless doctor.
A recent report questioned the effectiveness of vitamins and supplements. The report gained plenty of attention in the media. But was it accurate? Who backed the report and how was it done? Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses the report and gives his version of whether or not vitamins and supplements can make a difference in overall health.

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