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Scott: Some other foods I think that struck me that were too acidic; fish, vinegar, tea, eggs, things like that that we consider again, very healthy

and they are recommended to eat more of. What do you say?

Dr Robert O. Young: I'll take vinegar. Okay? Vinegar chemically is known as acetaldehyde, and we already know what acetaldehyde. It breaks down to ethanol alcohol. It's a great way to get food drunk. Vinegar has a low pH. It can range anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5, and you might as well be poisoning yourself, because that's what you're doing. The body reacts to that.

People have a wrong ideology about this whole alimentary canal. It's been improperly written, and described. The pathology of digestion is not described properly in our biology and medical texts. In fact, there's no digestion that takes place other than our ability to liquefy or chew the food to a state that the body can utilize. Anything that you swallow that's not pureed or liquefied, will come out the same way it went in.

 The stomach does not digest food. The stomach is an alkalizing compartment that actually secretes sodium bicarbonate to raise the pH of the fluids in the body. The pH of the food needs to be at a pH 8.4 in liquefied state, folding into the crypts of the small intestine to be transformed into stem cells to make our new blood. That is the primary side.

If you cannot gain weight, you have damaged significantly your intestinal villi. Not because you're not taking enzymes, not because you're not taking probiotics, because you're drinking vinegar. You are drinking coffee. You are drinking black tea, you are eating or eating acidic foods, and this is what destroys the body's ability to reproduce itself. When you compromise the root system of the body, it is flat out game over.

Scott: When you talk about the liquid form, is juicing a good thing to do if you are using the greens and things like that?

Dr. Young: Juicing is all predigested. What you're getting from the juice is you're getting an alkaline beverage if you are using alkaline fruit and vegetables, like cucumber. We substitute the carrots for the cucumber.  Carrots are high in sugar. Cucumbers are low in sugar. Why do people like carrots more than cucumbers? Because they have a sweet tooth. They're addicted to their own taste buds to those particular foods. You've got to get away from that.

When someone craves sugar, they actually have a need for alkalinity and salt. That's the first sign. They're trying to get a sugar fix. Sugar is an acid. It's a drug. It's strong addictions, and our kids are addicted to this thing. This is why we're having so many problems in our schools, and so many psycho problems. Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, all of these psycho thematic problems that then our medical doctors are giving psychotropic drugs to our children, and they're making them do crazy things like going to schools and murder people.

This is a cause that is foundational to what people are eating, what they are drinking, what they're thinking. Alkaline people are peaceful, loving, kind people. Acidic people are angry, upset, and do awful things. I was a witness for a client that actually did a horrible thing, and he can't even remember it. He ended up in jail for it. He was literally intoxicated from his dinner. He went into this rage, and he finds himself waking up in a prison, finding out what he actually did.

This is the problem we have. What is happening in the world today is a result of what we're eating, what we're drinking, and what we're thinking. We do not understand how the body works. What we need is just a little manual. In fact, we wrote a manual. It's called "The pH Miracle Book."

That manual actually describes accurately the physiology of the body, and the anatomy of the body, and how the body actually works. Something as simple as what causes nausea is not described in any medical text. It's the second leading symptomology that over the counter drugs are then take to neutralize. One of those you probably are familiar with. It's an alkalizing compound called Alka-Seltzer. Tums is another one. What is the major ingredient in that is sodium bicarbonate.

The stomach produces sodium bicarbonate to neutralize the acids from our foods. When we're angry or we're exercising or we need extra alkalinity, the stomach produces that, pushes that alkalinity into the blood and tissues to neutralize the acids and metabolism. You get a belly full of acid.

 I used to run marathons. I gave it up at the age of 29, but I always wondered, why are those people on the side of the road throwing up? The reason they're throwing up is because the stomach is producing alkalinity to pull into the blood and the tissues so they don't die. What they get is a belly full of acid, and they're off the side of the road puking. I've always wondered about that.

You ask your doctor. They don't even know what causes ad nauseum. Something as simple as that. Yet, if we understand that nausea is experienced--women who are pregnant who have morning sickness, they need extra alkalinity, because not only their metabolism, but the production of producing a baby produces excess waste products. The stomach has to produce the alkalinity in the form of sodium bicarbonate to neutralize those acids, or the mother and the baby dies.

What happens? The mother is in the bathroom puking. What? Hydrochloric acid, which is a pH of 1 to 1.5, and we need to put this into our bodies? Every drug that I've ever examined has hydrochloric acid in it. Every drug. Every vaccine has an acid in it that will take life, not give life. Antibiotics are acids. What are we thinking here? We're literally destroying our society.


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