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Interviewer: So what are the most common nutrients that you use to treat these conditions? I mean, is there a few that you lean toward?

Dr. William Walsh: Oh, there are and the reason is that even though there are more than a thousand nutrients in the body that are important, we've learned that there are about six or seven that seem to dominate brain function, when it comes to behavior and learning. And after a while it dawned on us why that's true, and the reason is these are the very nutrients that are directly involved in either the synthesis of neurotransmitters in your brain or the regulation of these neurotransmitters. And these are Zinc, Copper, Folic Acid, Methyanine, and then anti-oxidants are extraordinarily important. B-6 is important, many cases Glutathione there are probably a dozen or 15 nutrients that if you could just normalize those in the body that many of these conditions would be just resolved without drugs.

Interviewer: Is that easy to do, to normalize? I mean, how do you go about doing that?

Dr. William Walsh: Some of the imbalances are easier than the other. Pyrrole disorder, and these are kids that usually have rather dramatic problems, including behavioral upsets and mood swings, they get better usually in about a week. But if a person has a Undermethylation disorder, and these are children who tend to be oppositional, defiant, strong-willed, takes usually three, four, five months for the treatment to take full effect for them. So it varies from imbalance to imbalance. Copper, for example, takes 60 days to normalize, if a person has a copper imbalance. So it varies from imbalance to imbalance. It's important to us to tell a family what to expect.

Dr. William Walsh is an expert in nutrition and behavior disorders. He states that many disorders stem from nutritional deficiencies. Here he discusses the most common deficiencies and how quickly some disorders can be treated once nutrition is balanced.

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