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Interviewer: Ty, you've researched a number ofcancer therapies, let's just touch on a few. Hydrogen peroxide; I think uh atleast growing up I thought that was a bottle of something you could buy at adrugstore . . .

 Ty: Yeah.

 Interviewer: . . . to either bleach your hair oruh you put on a cut or . . .

 Ty: Yeah.

 Interviewer: . . . something like that. Tell ushow it's used in the cancer therapies.

 Ty: Well, hydrogen peroxide, you've got asubstance in what we've always use for what... disinfecting. Right? I wastalking to Dr.[Blake] actually and I'm thinking about we're talking abouthydrogen peroxide, he said hydrogen peroxide you know the tetanus shot is thebiggest load of you know what. He said, all you need to prevent tetanus if youever get cut... pour hydrogen peroxide on it. He said it will kill tetanus ifit happens to be infected with tetanus. If the metal that you use is[inaudible] rust, ¬†it's from fecal material from animals. So we've all beenmislead on that as well if whatever cut you have happens to be infected withfecal material from animals, hydrogen peroxide will take care of it. I mean ifyou've got infection like when I start feeling getting sick, the kids feel likethey're catching a cold. We'll take a ¬†couple of drops of hydrogen peroxideput it in each ear and you know what we don't get colds typically and I'vegargled with it. Now hydrogen peroxide you said it was the thing you could buyin the drugstore.

 You can but food grade hydrogen peroxide whichthen have the chemical additives. That stuff from the drugstore is a lot moreexpensive but, it's 35% it's definitely the drugstore is 3%. So, you need towater it down ten to one with distilled water if you buy the food grade. Ifyour pour it on your hand it's very caustic, it will turn you hand white... itwill burn. The food grade hydrogen peroxide you had to be careful with it, wehave that in the house too. So, if you ever wanted to actually ingest it youcan water it down to a ten to one and you can actually ingest it, it wouldn'tharm you and I know people who'd do that. When they're sick they'll do thatthey'll take food grade, ingest it to take care of the sickness.¬†

 Interviewer: Just as cancer therapy how's itused?

 Ty: Yeah. Well, because of the fact that ittransfers oxygen and so the hydrogen... cancer cells we talked about earlierferment glucose. They are anaerobic without oxygen so, if you can get oxygen tothe cancer the cancer cells you're going to have a good chance ofreversing the cancer. And so that's how hydrogen peroxide comes in, oxygentransport system.

 Interviewer: So is ozone along the same linesthen?¬†

 Ty: ¬†Yeah.

 Interviewer: That also uses the cancer.

 Ty: Ozone layer you can get [inaudible] oxygenchambers that also uses cancer treatment. But, ozone is a... as I wasmentioning earlier that ozone has the oxygen's O3 free is the chemical symbolfor it so the extra oxygen singlet. It will attached and so it access in oxygentransport as well. All of these I would consider to be bio-oxidative therapiesand that's why I call them in the book "bio-oxidative." Hydrogenperoxide, ozone, oxygen therapies, [berkey] oxygen, they're all part oftransporting oxygen to the cells. And when you transport oxygen to the cells...Dr. Otto Warburg of 1931 Nobel Prize winner showed that cancer cells don't livewell when they're exposed to oxygen they don't live at all. They're anaerobicso if you can put oxygen to the cancer cells you can get rid of them.

Cancer researcher and author Ty Bollinger discusses a couple of effective natural cancer therapies. They deal with getting more oxygen into your system and into the cells. Ty discusses the different therapies, what they have in common and one that you probably already have in your home!

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