The Truth About Chemtrails and Their Dangers!

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Interviewer: You, uh, you mentioned earlier that you're a pilot.

Doctor: Yeah.

Interviewer: Talk about chemtrails. We hear a lot about that. What are those, and are they for real?

Doctor: Well, when you look into that... When you ask questions... [inaudible] 'Oh, yeah, yeah, contrails'. No, no, contrails are behind the jet. If you see a jet flying very high, the stripe... the condensed stripe behind it. That's normal. But, in areas... First observed where there's very little population, you see a jet airplane going... And it's not only one, there are four condensed stripes going behind them. They go this way, this way, this way, this way, and then this way, this way, this way, this way. And, when you inquire about it, ask people. You'll recognize that the real climate change scientists are truly ticked off because, apparently, nobody is really asking them. It's the special interest... In my opinion, it's the oil industry, the energy industry that are blowing smoke up somebody's you know what, and telling them that we have to lay a pattern up there to prevent sun energy from hitting Earth.

And, what they're doing in there... It's now pretty much determined... They're putting in there aluminum, barium, and strontium. Now, you take these chemicals and run them through a PubMed literature search, in respect to human health, you will find more than 3,000 papers. Aluminum alone. I mean, aluminum... Alzheimer's, right, mental... There's no question about it. Now, it so happens when there were people who really paid attention, and there was some... due to some weather and air changes, wind patterns... Suddenly, this stuff that they're laying out, it comes down in rain. If it falls on crops, it kills the crops. It's like they have big blisters on, on, on any one of the crops, vegetables or things like this. Organic crops... totally destroyed. Can't even use them. And, when it comes to an area, for example, as, as, like, forests... After that... A few weeks after that, they're totally dead. They're toothpicks. And, you can see it all on the internet. Right? And you can go... I mean, in order to be up to date, uh, you look at my book, the 'Life-Long Health' or go to my website, um... A good thing also, in general, to stay up to par, which was going on in the anti-aging sciences, you go to the A4M website, And, I tell people, 'just look for the red bouncing ball'. 'What do you mean?' 'Well, go there.' They go [inaudible] 'What's the red bouncing ball?' There's a little red bouncing ball. It's the journal. Right? The, the, the monthly or weekly report... Anything that's new. And, the nice thing is there's no pressure with sales. It is really for health professionals, but nobody minds if laypersons join. Right? So, that, in my opinion, would be the number one thing to stay up to par in what's going on for a general... for a layperson. Magnificently explained. Right? And, then you take it to the next step. And, then you can, uh... Well, you also, in order to create funds for our non-profit... We have 501 C-3 nonprofit status, The International Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Uh, fully charitable. That means anybody who makes a donation, it fully... tax writeoff. But, very often, when you make a donation to something, you should ask 'what am I getting out of that?' And, what I'm offering people... You make a donation to our organization, and I will take you through these steps from A to Z. Anti-aging from the ground up. Because that's very, very important. Right? I mentioned that earlier, when people just do it, and they're not really informed how to do it, or you don't have the right doctor, the risks are tremendous. The results are close to zero. And, you definitely aren't feeling good. I mean, it is a very complex science. But it's a fascinating science. Uh, oh, here's a, here's a good idea. Women... Women get a little bit older, and their doctors say 'oh, yeah, maybe you should take some estrogens'. And they prescribe estrogen for you. Women, do you know, out there, what you are taking? Can I say the word? Horse piss. Right? That's what it is. Premarin is pregnant mare urine. It is a disgusting method of keep hundreds, maybe even thousands of horses pregnant. Then they isolate, extract, from the urine, the estrogen, which they feed to people. Right? And, then some of these orthodox... Whatever, 'experts', complain about A4M and the, uh, actually hormone replacement therapy. I mean, that's the only way to go, what A4M does. They're actually having two three-day full seminars, where the doctors have to watch everything from the top to bottom. Science, what we do, how to apply that. You know? What do you want to do? Live [inaudible] by Frankenstein? It's just amazing.
Dr. Hans Kugler discusses chemtrails and give his reasons as to why they're being used. He distinguishes the difference between contrails and discusses some of the chemicals being used in chemtrails.

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