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Interviewer: If we start to reduce or maybe manage our stress better, what does that do inside?

Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski: It's huge.  It's huge.  When I talk to people about really trying to help themselves or putting together a program, which I have for these folks, you know everybody wants a quick fix, but unfortunately it's not that easy.  Because you can put medication into the body, you can put supplements into the body until the cows come home, but unless you can control what's going on up here and what you're putting into your body, so that includes your thoughts.  That includes the food.  It includes things that you ingest, you inhale.  You can't control that.  Your body is constantly fighting that, constantly fighting that.  So, that's why I really coach people on trying to find things that they can do, and there's always things that people can do.  For instance, you can just go through and focus on breathing.  I'm not talking about shallow breaths.  I'm talking about deep breaths for people.  Inhaling a lot of oxygen for a count of six seconds, holding for a couple of seconds, and exhaling slowly.  In a matter of a minute we can drop cortisol levels, we can reduce stress.

And by the way, it's a good exercise to do before you eat.  Because if you're under stress when you're eating, there's no blood going to your gut, and then you're bloated, you're gassy.  You're not digesting your food.  So, yeah, just going through simple breathing exercises can help the body reduce the amount of stress.  Going through and journaling, writing down at the end of the day what came good through that day that you just created.  What are you grateful for?  Looking at your health, and looking at your family and friends.  So, journaling helps people, listening to musics, pets.  Whatever it is, people have to find that.  And they have to do something for themselves, as far as regulating, and really trying to reduce the amount of stress, because stress will kill you.


Stress can be a major factor in many aspects of overall health. So many of us are burdened by it on a daily basis. But Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski offers a couple easy tips to help drastically reduce stress and its affects on the body. Find out what you can do to better deal with stress!

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