This Unavoidable Thing is a Root Cause of Cancer

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Scott: You talked a little bit about environment and we've been battling cancer, this official war on cancer since the early '70's.  What do we know about the causes today?

Jenny Hrbacek, RN: In my book, it's mainly about testing.  I tell people what the test is, the phone number to call, how to get... how long it takes for the test results to come back, what to do if the kit comes in the mail, the benefits, limitations, but... I go into a little bit into about what the causes of cancer are.  And in a nutshell, what I said before, toxicity and deficiency.  And there are so many things that cause toxicity.  You know, fungal mycotoxins in our diet cause toxicity, chemicals, stress.  If your body is... your gut flora is not strong and... I talk to people about their diet and they say 'oh I eat really well, I eat grilled chicken, I eat vegetables...'  But the chicken they're eating has antibiotic residue and its killing their gut flora.  So, I'm like 'you better be taking a probiotic with every meal, because you're sterilizing your gut every time you put food or you drink water from the ice tea at a restaurant because it's got chemicals in that water.  Very hard not to be toxic in this world.  You name it, it can cause cancer.  The fact is, no matter what causes it, I think it's really hard to avoid those causes in this world.  You just need to find it early and always be detoxifying your body.  People take zeolite.  Sweating is huge.  We go from air conditioned building to air conditioned car, into the office, to the grocery store back home in air conditioning.  We forget to sweat and the toxins... a lot of people are getting breast cancer.  Skin cancers are just huge but we're just toxic.  We're just very toxic. 


Registered nurse Jenny Hrbacek is a cancer survivor who recently wrote a book on early testing for cancer. Here she discusses some of the main causes of cancer. Among the few that she mentions there is also a central theme to many. Can it be avoided?

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