Unclear Regulations Holding Back Stem Cell Treatments

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Interviewer: Discuss stem cells if you would, and are there still legal issues that effect wide-spread use of those?

Dr. Park: There are regulatory issues, so apparently if you take stem cells out of somebody you can't expand their number and reintroduce them, but you can take them out and select them and put them back on the same day.

And this is kind of arbitrary thing and the US food and drug administration imposes. in other countries you can do that. Expand them, that is. But it's largely experimental or out-of-pocket kind of fringe medicine, which is unfortunate, so the fortunate thing is the idea stem cells treatment is great; people embraced it.

We even have the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, but people just don't have a basic knowledge of basic stem cell biology in a way that you would assume they did. So, we don't really know how they differentiate, how they manipulate that yet, but day by day there is more information on that, but yeah, it's really unclear to me what the regulations are?

I don't practice stem cell medicine myself, but it's like it's self
concern. The FDA sometimes jumps in and some times they don't. And we really are not sure what reasons for that is.

Stem cell treatments continue to show great promise in a number of areas. But there are still legal issues in this country that hold back certain treatments. Dr. Ed Park discusses the issues and why they continue to vary, potentially holding back more benefits.

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