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Scott: Just how bad is sugar, when it comes to cancer?  We know that PET scans can detect it by using sugar, but when people continue to consume sugar, what's going on?

Dr. Charles Majors: Well, some people always say 'what's worse, sugar or bad fats'?  Bad fats are worse, because it's the bad fats that create more of the inflammation.  And then the cell will convert over into only burning sugar.  Now, too much sugar can eventually create inflammation and raise the insulin levels.  So if we really broke it down and say, 'Ok, we know based upon PET scanning that cancer cells use more sugar than a normal cell'.  Otherwise ask your doctor or oncologist don't use... can you not give me sugar or glucose?  They're going to be like, well, we couldn't find it.  So, that's gone.  If your doctor says it doesn't matter what you eat, they're absolutely wrong.  

So, number two is, we know that a normal, healthy cell has mitochondria, healthy mitochondria.  The mitochondria are what bring in the fuel and create this ATP.  ATP is your energy source.  So, think of the mitochondria as your engine in your car.  The engine has to be working perfectly.  And the engine, on normal, healthy cells, bring in oxygen and they bring in glucose.  For every one molecule of glucose though... because it is such an efficient engine think of it as a smart car, right?  These healthy cells have a smart mitochondria, perfect mitochondria, and they are able to bring in, for every one molecule of glucose, they are able to create 36 ATP.  Just amazingly fuel efficient.

And we look at the difference in a cancer cell.  And because their mitochondria is damaged, they no longer can bring in oxygen for their fuel source.  So they are horrible, it's the most... it would be like having a Humvee, you know what I mean, for inside of there.  It's getting two miles to the gallon here.  For every one molecule of glucose, it can only make about two ATP.  So it's very inefficient.  So in order for these cells to survive, they have to pop up, you know, ten to twelve to 18 times more insulin receptor sites... and so to bring in more sugar to those cells.   So we know just based on that, that these cells, normal cells are just more efficient, they don't need sugar.  These cells need sugar for their energy.

So now we say, well what about fruit.  This is what I get all the time.  I haven't had fruit... I mean actually, now that its been almost five years, I'm able to put a little bit of fruit back in, but I follow ketogenic diet, based upon the metabolism of cancer.   And so I don't bring in much fruit.  Now does fruit feed cancer?  No.  Fruit, the fruit sugars spins left, where the regular processed sugars spin right, so cancer cells don't use that.  But what fruit does do is, and this is the argument you get... you need fruits in ahh.... fruit will raise insulin levels.  You ask any diabetic, they can't eat a lot of fruit.  So if you raise an insulin level, insulin will create more inflammation.  Insulin will take me out of ketosis.  I need my body the most efficient, fuel burning.  And I want it burning keytones.  And so whenever my insulin levels go up, my body goes out of ketosis.  My liver's producing keytones, I've been doing it for five years.  I've been in ketosis, and still alive, doing great.

Your normal, healthy cells will convert over to using keytone for their fuel, and you know cancer cells can't use them.  So for me, it's another way of starving this cancer, because I don't give it anything.  There's no glucose coming in.  I have to watch even how much protein I bring in because glutamate will feed into those cancer cells.  You have to watch how much sugars, how much proteins and I increased it all to higher fats.  I watch all, I know no high glycemic vegetables at all.


Dr. Charles Majors recovered from life threatening cancer. Diet was a huge part of that recovery. Here he talks about sugar and what it does to the body and the cells themselves. He also talks about what might be worse than sugar.

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