URGENT: Know These Main Reasons for High Cancer Rates!

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Interveiwer: Ty, we've talked a lot about toxicity and how that compromises the immune system. Is that why we've seen such an increase in cancer in the last 25, 35, 50 years?

Ty: I believe so, I believe it is. Because if you look back say 100 years ago at the turn of the 20th Century, 1900, the 20th century, I always get that mixed up. So, at the turn of the 20th century, around 1900, it's estimated that one in eighty people had cancer, were diagnosed with cancer. So now, 100 years later, fast forward, you have one in two, one in three. Well, that kind of shoots holes in the genetic theory of cancer, that it's all in the genes, because genes don't change in 100 years. But you had one in eighty, one in two, one in three. So what's changed in 100 years to have this huge increase a hundred, and hundred fold increase in cancer? Well, our food habits have changed. A hundred years ago grandma and grandpa lived out on the farm and they had their own cows and they weren't using pesticides and fungicides and insecticides. There wasn't the industrial revolution that's causing pollution to go everywhere. There wasn't the toxicity in the water. There wasn't the toxicity in the air, And you know, they didn't have the fast food restaurants to go to eat to. They'd come in from work at the end of the day and they'd have raw milk from the cow, well water with good vitamins and minerals in it, and they ate butter and real cheese and they almost never had heart attacks. So, you have this other on the periphery of health with the cholesterol issue with heart attacks - and that could be a whole other show - that cholesterol and the high fats with the natural fats with butters and cheeses has very little to do with heart disease. That's another subject though. But so, when you look back 100 years ago; that was their diet, fresh fruits and vegetables that they grew on their own farm. Now you see the typical American family, they hit McDonald's once a day or once every two days and they're buying pesticide-laden food and they're shopping, they've got all these microwaved foods now, TV dinners and they're watching it in front of the TV and they're nuking it. They don't call it "nuking it" for no reason at all, they call it nuking it because you're radiating the food. When you radiate food, radiate a TV dinner in the microwave oven, you completely chemically change the makeup of the food. So, now, your body thinks the whole meal is a foreign invader because your changing the chemical makeup of those foods when you nuke it.

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Cancer researcher Ty Bollinger explains why cancer has grown exponentially in the last 100 years. Ty explains the differences in lifestyle between then and now. He also explains the genetic link to cancer.

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