Urgent Warning for This Common Medication!

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A new warning for one of the most common types of medication has been issued. Find out what you need to know! Also learn about another connection to sugar that could have a link to your kids. And could the sunshine vitamin help if you get too much of a good thing? Find out here!

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Hi and welcome to this week’s look at headlines in natural health on iHealthTube.com…

The big news this week is the warning for millions of people who take popular heartburn drugs called proton pump inhibitors.

A new study out of Washington University in St. Louis shows that long-term use of those drugs is also associated with an increased risk of death.  The study looked at nearly 300 thousand users of those drugs and nearly 75 thousand who took another class of drugs known as H2 blockers.

The senior author said no matter how you looked at the numbers, they revealed the same thing… that there’s an increased risk of death among users of proton pump inhibitors.

PPI’s have become the most common used classes of drugs with 15 million monthly prescriptions for the brand name Nexium alone.

The dangers of sugar have been well documented… but now more evidence continues to come out as to exactly why… 

A new study out of London has linked high sugar intake during pregnancy to the risk of allergy and allergic asthma in the child.

The study looked at the 20 percent of mothers with the highest sugar intake versus the 20 percent with the lowest.  There was a 38 percent increased risk for allergy in the offspring and 101 percent risk for allergic asthma in the mothers with the highest intake.  Researchers say more study is needed but continue to recommend that pregnant women avoid excessive sugar.

Finally… vitamin D is also known as the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’… now indications are high doses can help you after you’ve had too much sun.

In the study out of Cleveland… 20 participants received either a placebo… or 50 thousand, 100 thousand or 200 thousand IU of vitamin D one hour after a small UV lamp sunburn on their inner arm. Participants were checked after 24, 48 and 72 hours and one week after.  Those who consumed the highest doses of Vitamin D had long-lasting benefits… including less skin inflammation.  Those who had the highest blood levels of Vitamin D has less skin redness and an increase in activity related to skin repair.  

Researchers cautioned the study tested very high doses of Vitamin D that far exceed the daily allowances and people should not be taking vitamin D after sunburn based on this study alone.

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