Vitamins and Supplements: Know What You're Buying!

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Interviewer:  How important is it, when someone is getting a supplement, to
know that there's research behind it, and there's the science behind what
they're purchasing?

Max Motyka: I think it's essential. I think it's definitely an essential
need, and we get involved in clinical studies all the time, and we're
trying to contribute to the science and understanding of how the body
absorbs minerals, how they use them, and what's the best form. So, you
know, when we go out and say about our iron that it's better absorbed than
ferrous sulfate and ferrous fumarate, we've had clinical studies repeatedly
showing this, you know? And so when our customer companies, people that buy
our minerals and put them in their products, they like that. Because they
can now make certain types of claims to tell their customers, "Hey, this
product is backed by research. We know that this is effective. We know this
is safe. We know this has got better tolerability. And so I think that
getting involved with clinical studies, whether it's chelated minerals or
glutathione or you name the accessory nutrient, I think that having
clinical studies that support and give evidence to their effectiveness in
the human body, I think that's doing us a great service.  And I think it's
really what all companies should be doing.
How much do you know about the supplements you purchase? Do you know about the research or studies that went into them? Max Motyka explains the importance of knowing more about what you're putting into your body and knowing more about the companies that are providing those supplements.

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