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Results from a new study might provide some good news for people that deal with Type 1 diabetes.  

The study revealed that people with Type 1 diabetes have inflammation and a gut environment that differ from those who do not have diabetes or other autoimmune conditions… which Type 1 diabetes is considered.  Those with Type 1 diabetes showed significantly more signs of inflammation in the gut’s membranes as well as distinct gut bacteria not found in other patients.

The hope is this information may help find new ways to treat the disease by focusing on the unique gut characteristics of those with Type 1 diabetes…

Have an extra 12 minutes a day?  It might just offer a way to help with memory loss!

A recent study at West Virginia University found that simple meditation or a music listening program may have many benefits for older adults with memory loss.  60 older adults with cognitive decline were assigned beginner meditation or music listening for 12 minutes a day for 12 weeks.   Both groups showed significant improvements in subjective memory function and objective cognitive performance after three months.

Both groups also showed improvements in sleep… mood… stress and quality of life after the three month mark.

Ready or not… but a new variety of genetically modified apple may soon find its way to a grocery store near you!

A new golden delicious variety that will not turn brown will appear on 10 grocery store shelves in the United States Midwest  this spring.  The apple is produced in Canada and is expected to be crispier in texture as well.   The US Department of Agriculture first approved the U-S’s first G-M apples about two years ago saying they are unlikely to pose a risk… The FDA is not required to approve genetically engineered crops for consumption…

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In this week's edition of natural health headlines, find out what might be coming to a produce section near you and why you should be concerned. Also learn about progress that's being made to help understand type I diabetes as well as help for early stage memory loss that's done in as little as 12 minutes a day!

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