Water Fluoridation Regulations Are Based on Lies

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Interviewer: Doctor you have a documentary that you have produced called Fluoridegate. Let's talk about the beginning of that. I had a chance to watch that in and it described how fluoride level in water became regulated by the EPA. That's kind of an interesting story.

Dr. David Kennedy: Well actually the EPA is supposed to give us two levels, one, how high the water can be d cell, that's called an MCL, and the other is what we can drink for a lifetime without any adverse effect at all, which is the MCLG, and they weren't satisfied with the MCLG because it really impugns the benefit, if there is any, and I don't believe there is, of water fluoridation. So through lobbyists they managed to fudge the number up to 4 ppm. I filmed a documentary in China where people are crippled at 4 ppm. So the likelihood of that 4 ppm is level that you can consume for a lifetime without any adverse effect is zero. That was 1986 and like Bob Carton said they were ordered to lie. And so when we have regulatory bodies that go around order their scientists to lie to the American public we need to rethink how we regulate because regulators become tools of industry and they use us as fodder. We are not into the equation. The guy with the dollars as the one buys the scientist and the EPA is bought and sold by industry.


Who regulates the fluoride that's in your tap water? How do they regulate it? Dr. David Kennedy discusses this and asserts that the level that has been deemed safe came about because those who make the decision lied about what safe amounts actually are.

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