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Interviewer: Talk about weight loss. Uh, from, with the assistance of vitamin D, how do those two go hand and hand? I mean most of us want to lose, uh, from a few to a lot of pounds.

Interviewee:  Right, so with, with 70% of the country being overweight, or obese, it's, Obesity is a hot topic, and weight loss is what everybody wants to accomplish with a short cut. Okay and I'm not suggesting that vitamin D is a shortcut. It is one of many variables okay, and it may not even be the most important variable, but it is one of many variables. We know that vitamin D, influences insulin secretion, and insulin response, meaning insulin sensitivity, and when we're...And we know that insulin is the primary hormone that leads to satisfaction after a meal. So that's why satisfaction of a meal takes about 20 or 30 minutes into the meal, because it takes that long for the food to get to the proximal part of your small bowel where the pancreas is and it triggers the release of insulin, insulin gets to your brain and the brain says, 'wow okay we're there'. ¬†Okay, but if you're resistant to insulin as mo, many of us, uh, that have obesity, it takes much more insulin to, to reach that, that satisfying level, okay. Well vitamin D deficiency makes you more insulin resistance, meaning you're gonna need more to quench your appetite in the absence of vitamin D, and in the presence of Vitamin D. Okay, so it can help with appetite control. It also, vitamin, the lack of vitamin D in fat cells promotes more storage of calories a fat. Where as the absence of uh, of uh, where there's the presence of vitamin D turns off the gouty gene and, and, and, and then enhances lipolysis, or the breakdown of fat, okay. So the little set point on the thermostat can be shifted one way or another within your fat cells with uh, with vitamin D. And then again vitamin D in your muscle improves muscle performance, so when you're exercising and you have enough vitamin D, you're gonna have a better workout, and a more efficient workout with vitamin D. You're not gonna have the muscle weakness, and fatigue that go along with vitamin D deficiency, so you'll feel better when you're exercising with adequate levels, than in the absence of vitamin D. So that whole diet, exercise equation is probably a little easier, uh, with complete with vitamin D than deficient vitamin D.

Interviewer:  So it's all hand-in-hand.

Interviewee:  Right.

Interviewer:  Good, thank you.

Interviewee:  You're welcome.

Can optimal levels of vitamin D help with weight loss or maintaining healthy weight? Dr. James Dowd explains vitamin D's role when it comes to the body's weight. Specifically, he discusses the role the vitamin plays in insulin levels and how that can directly affect weight.

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