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Interviewer: You mentioned earlier how important a healthy weight is for so many other parts of the body. You mentioned arthritic knees, I'm sure the list goes on and on. How do you know what a healthy weight is for your body? Is BMI, things like that important and what can a healthy weight do for you as an overall?

Dr. Joel Baumgartner: So there's a lot of ways you can look at being healthy. You know, we can look at body measurements, we can look at the BMI we can strive for a certain body weight, but we take it a little deeper, as well. We look inside the body at what's happening with the endocrine system. We will, if a client comes in and they want to get healthy we'll look at their baseline insulin levels. We'll look at their... not just their regular cholesterol profile that you usually see in a clinical, but we go a little bit deeper at some of these other different cholesterols that can actually have cardiovascular risk. We actually look at what is that weight doing inside their body. We also look at their hormone profiles. So if a guy comes in and he's, you know, let's say 35 to 50 and he's fatigued, he's overweight, he can't lose weight, and his muscle mass is losing so we check his testosterone level. Oh, that's easy, we just got to replace his testosterone, teach him how to eat right, he's going to be vigorous, and healthy again. With females when they're getting overweight, the more overweight a female gets the more that her adiposity creates estrogens. Now estrogen is a hormone that maintains fat, it maintains adipose it kind of feeds that fire, so we go a step further we don't just do body measurements and weights we actually look at the endocrinology in their body and see how is that weight affecting them inside the body as well? Because those are great parameters, as well. We can do those parameters, check them in a year from now, and boom their cholesterol is normal, their insulin is normal, their blood sugar is normal, their hormones are optimized. It's great.


What exactly is a healthy weight? Dr. Joel Baumgartner discusses different factors that lead to a healthy weight. It may not be as simple as body mass index or other numbers. Find out the other factors you should look at when trying to find your healthy weight.

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