What Exactly Is Fatigue?

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Interviewer:  Fatigue is a big part of your book. We've talked about it a little bit through different conditions. What is it and what is the difference between that and just feeling a little bit tired?

Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski:  Yeah. 

Interviewer:  How do you know?

Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski:  Right. Most Americans . . . We talked about this person comes into the doctor's office says, "I'm tired, I'm overweight, I'm depressed." That covers probably 60% of the population. 

Interviewer:  Yeah.

Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski:  When I talk about fatigue . . . for instance, my wife when she came home from the hospital, she was on thyroid hormone. Weeks after this, we assumed that this pill was going to work.

Interviewer:  Sure.

Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski:  It was supposed to work. She had fatigue. Fatigue so bad, she would sleep for ten hours. She'd get up and she'd have to get back to bed. She couldn't keep her eyes open. That's what I'm talking about fatigue. We've all gone limited amount of rest overnight.

Interviewer:  Sure.

Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski:  Where you've slept four or five hours. We've all been hung over. Right? You've gone out and had a great time. You can make it to the next day. When you're sleeping ten hours, and you feel like you've just been hit by a truck and you can't make it through the day . . .

Interviewer:  Hm-mmm.

Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski:  When all you can think about is going back to bed. Really what's happening to your body? That's fatigue.


We've all been tired, run down or just worn out. But how do you know the difference between that and actually having fatigue? Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski discusses the difference and how he sees it first hand.

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