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Interviewer: Can you just touch on stress a little bit? What does that do to your body?

Dr. Vladimir Gordin: It does many things. Well, a couple of things. When people stress out there will be some chemical response in the body. Everyone heard of adrenaline. 

Interviewer: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Vladimir Gordin: Adrenaline is a hormone, very powerful one which basically makes your body fight. Okay? Your pupils dilate because you need to see better. Vessels constrict, so if you're injured you're not going to bleed to death. Okay? You can get stronger because it can give you boosts. Sugar goes up in the blood stream. Adrenal glands produce that. 

At the same time, there's a mild distress hormone, cortisone which does a couple of functions. Kind of anti inflammatory at the same time it can get sugar up. Okay? So, when you already fried yourself with adrenaline then cortisone's going to continue frying it. What it does, at least chemically, people have to (?) cortisone (?), they wake up in the middle of the night, they have ulcers, they constantly exhausted sleeping disturbances, emotional disturbances and body start breaking apart.

It causes adrenal insufficiency. (?) already explained what it is. It's readily available and people need to know about it. Eventually main (?) are kind of picking up on the stress issues. I wrote a book, very good book. It's called Preventive Care to Home Testing which basically teaches people how to test themselves at home because you know, here's  a little example for you. 

A woman started gaining weight, had two kids, cannot sleep, gained weight, losing hair you know, it's falling off. Constantly cold, depressed, no energy. She comes to doctor says, doc I feel like miserable. Help. Okay, not a problem. They're doing blood work, blood work is perfect. Nothing we can do. You're depressed. Here's medication for depression. 

Drug test and early stages test, how to test thyroid gland at home simply using basil temperature or maybe iodine drop on the skin. Tests like this do exist for adrenals, for kidneys. It's (?) tests for thyroid. You can check (?) metabolism at home. You can check Candida at home. You can check many things at home. 

So, I simply combine all these tests like 14 of them and published the book which basically I give to my patients. Here, check yourselves at home. At the same time some people have no clue what's right, what's wrong. At the end of the book I actually put 224 symptoms which healthy people do not have.

Well, for example, you get sick a half an hour after you're eating. Is it normal? I don't think so, but some people say well, I always been like this. Well, I'm sorry you always been like this, but this is not normal. What are the other symptoms? You get sick two and a half hours after you eat and people you know, they fart a lot. I'm sorry, but is it normal? No, it's not normal, but for some people they're so used to it you know, they're not considering normal.

When people actually read the questions and say like, well, I have quite a few of these questions. I have a few dozen. Well, maybe I should see a professional who understands this and help me to deal with them. Again, we're talking about the education of people. So, do not trust me that you're actually getting better. You can actually go home and test that you got better. Protect your health and kind of check yourself once in a while if something is going on because it's very important.

What does stress do inside your body? Dr. Vladimir Gordin explains exactly what is happening in your body when you're experiencing stress. Find out what some of the short and long-term effects might be from prolonged stress.

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