What the Sugar Industry Really Knew and When!

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We all know that sugar is not healthy… but would you be surprised to know that the sugar industry knew that, and covered up evidence nearly half a century ago?

New research out of California uncovered a 1965 study looking at the effects of sugar on rats.  The study noted that sucrose was linked to poor cardiovascular health… then the industry stopped the study and reportedly tried to hide the fact it ever started the research in the first place!  It wasn’t uncommon for study results to go unpublished and even disappearing… but a 2007 law now requires reporting of study results.

On to some better news… especially if you’re a coffee drinker… 

A recent review over over 200 studies found that drinking three to four cups of coffee a day is linked to a lower risk of death and of getting heart disease compared to drinking no coffee.  The review… which was done in the UK, also found that coffee drinking is also linked to lower risks of some cancers, diabetes, liver disease and dementia.

There is a caution for some however… the studies revealed that drinking coffee during pregnancy may be linked to some health issues and possibly a small increased risk of fractures in women.

Finally… even after the recent change in high blood pressure markers… there are ways to keep it in check without drugs…

A study out of Baltimore looked at more than 400 adults with prehypertension… and found that combining a low-salt diet with the DASH diet… which is high in fruits… vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy, fish, poultry, seeds and nuts… can substantially lower systolic blood pressure, more commonly known as the top number.  The research showed the combination diet lowered the top number anywhere from 5 to 10 points… depending on the person’s baseline..

Both the low-sodium and DASH diets have shown to help lower high blood pressure… but this study looked at the combined diets in adults with early or modest forms of high blood pressure.

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Most of us know that sugar is not good for our health. But wait until you hear about not only what, but when the sugar industry really learned that and what it did next! Also find out more health benefits of a popular beverage that many of us drink!

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