What You Need To Know About 'Meal Replacements'

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Interviewer: You've talked about meal replacements, and I think that's a
booming market these days, so many bars and shakes and things out there.
How good are those and what do people need to look for? If you look at the
ingredients, and there can be a lot of them on there, and we're told if you
can't pronounce things, things like that. What do we need to look for when
when we look for something in a meal replacement?

Mark MacDonald: That's like, one of my favorite questions right there,
because you, the whole thing is there's so many meal replacements that do
not set people up to win. The first thing is, real food is always a
solution. So, like someone comes to me and says, "You know Mark, do I need
to take antioxidants? Do I need to do a meal replacement?"

No, you can eat the real food that you love. If you can eat five to six,
whole food, go for it. That's the best. If you can eat 12-15 servings of
fruits of veggies a day, then do it. But we know that 97 percent of the
population's antioxidant deficient. We know that 98 percent of the people
skip meals. When you start looking at the stats, once you accept that, and
you need one, what do you choose?

You want to find a protein bar that has equal amount of carbs to protein.
Blood sugar's this: You have two hormones, you have glucagon, and you have
insulin, and they counter each other, just like all the hormones, to create
balance, to keep your blood sugar in the right range. Protein affects
glucagon, carbs affect insulin. So, when you a protein bar that's got like
40 grams of carbs, and six grams of protein, that's a blood sugar spiking
machine that's going to make you store fat. Every time you blood sugar
spikes, you store fat, every time it drops, you burn muscle. You want to
find one that has the right amount of protein to carbs, equal amount, and
same thing with a shake.

And then you want to look at, when you look at the quality of the protein
itself, you want to focus more on like a hydrolyzed whey, which is a very
high quality whey protein that you body can digest, rather than like a soy
protein. A lot of companies use soy, because it's cheap. It's better than
nothing, but if you want the best you want the best for your body, you want
to do like a hydrolyzed whey.

With so many products on the market, what do you look for? Do you even need a meal replacement? Nutritionist Mark Macdonald discusses meal replacement bars and shakes and what you should look for to get the most benefit.

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