When it Comes to Diet, Don't Eat It If You Can't Do This!

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Scott: Nutrition's where people need to start, but they don't, right?  I mean, people are either looking for a quick fix or say they don't have time to eat better or to cook better. 

Philip Weeks: Well, again, with these complex, chronic conditions and there are no quick fixes, it comes down to sort of all these basics, which in theory are complicated but at the same time they're very simple.  Basically we need to eat food.  It sounds obvious, but some of the things that are classified as food, I wouldn't classify as food.  Our grandparents wouldn't have understood what those foods were.  You know, what is that ingredient?  We are ingesting things that aren't food.  

When you think about it, food that's created for convenience, food that lasts, is designed to not be affected by bacteria and fungus and all the things that mean that food would naturally degrade.  But that food needs to break down in our body, so therefore, there's a contradiction in that.  So we need to eat things and food that our grandparents and our great grandparents would understand as food.  And if you can't make it at home, then we shouldn't eat it.  It would be difficult for example, to make margarin at home.  How would we do that?  It's not possible.  So if you can't make it at home, then really, I don't think we should eat it.


Philip Weeks discusses diet and nutrition. If you're looking to get a better understanding on what is or isn't good for you when it comes to diet, Philip has a simple rule for you to try and follow!

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