This is Why Coconut Oil is so Healthy!

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Raena Morgan: Bruce, what is in coconut oil, specifically, that makes it so healthy for us?

Dr. Bruce Fife: The main thing that separates coconut oil from all other oils and the main thing that makes it healthier than any other oil on the market, are the medium chain fatty acids.  The medium chain fatty acids have physiological effects that are different from other fats that promote health, that protect us from disease.

Morgan: Even more so than the monounsaturated fats like olive oil for example?

Fife: Now, olive oil has gotten a good reputation...

Morgan: It sure has!

Fife: .. as a healthy oil, but there is really no comparison to coconut oil.  Coconut oil has it beat hands down...

Morgan: No kidding?

Fife: .. for all the health... Yes, definitely.

Morgan: That's amazing.  How is that?

Fife:  Well, not only does it have the antimicrobial properties, but it's easier to digest.  There's lots of people that can't digest olive oil or other oils, but they can digest coconut oil.  In addition, coconut oil also boosts energy.  It lifts energy levels.  So it's good for people who need more energy, want more energy in their life.  Or people who, um have trouble digesting foods. It's also great for people who are interested in recuding weight.

Morgan: Oh, is it?

Fife: Because it stimulates metabolism, it helps burn off excess calories.  So coconut oil is actually used as a weight management aid.

Morgan: That's very interesting because the Mediterranean Diet that's the olive oil getting all the press, the good ink, as it were.  But coconut oil is superior?

Fife: Coconut oil is far superior, I wouldn't even compare the two, because coconut oil has far many health benefits.


Dr. Bruce Fife discusses the beneficial and health properties of coconut oil. He also compares coconut oil to olive oil. Find out some of the differences and what he says makes coconut oil a better option.

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