Why Does This Doctor Say 'Stay Away from the Oncologist'?

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Dr. Michael D. Farley:  There's a real misconception outthere, that all physicians are bad or don't care, and I can tell you, that'snot true.  Less that 30% of physicians currently belong to the AMA as anexample, 29% exactly belong to the AMA so you have 71% do not.  They allare, though, very fearful of losing their position, their license, theirlivelyhood, and it has become virtually impossible for them to even bring upalternative methods of treatment.  There have been a few states like Florida,as an example, that passed a law that allowed the physicians to discussalternative treatments with their patients, but it actually had to be writteninto the law, and it specifically did not deal with cancer.  Once you'rediagnosed with cancer in this country, you are well and truly screwed becauseevery symptom you have from that point forward will be attributed to thecancer.  Oncologists are probably the worst trained physicians as far asclinical medicine that you'll ever see.  They are trained specifically...Most of them come out of Urology.  They are trained specifically onpharmacology of cancer drugs and they're never taught to look for causativefactors, and that's their education.  If you develop cancer, as anexample, you want a physician that can get to the root cause of the failure ofthe immune system.  There are a specific series of tests that should berun because so many cancers, as an example, are estrogen sensitive, and rightnow, we are inundated with estrogen.  Our pesticides are estrogen based. That makes it impossible for the insects to reproduce that  was thepurpose.  Birth control pills are flushed out of the system, flushed downthe toilet, go through the water treatment system and are never takenout.  When you're drinking city water, you are drinking waters that arenever tested for the chemicals that are there that could do you harm. Their test is specifically for coli forms, as an example, which is a bacteriafound in human feces, but they don't test it for mercury, they don't test itfor lead, they don't test it for estrogen, or many many other chemicals,fluoride, that can be carcinogenic.  So once you are diagnosed with cancerit is very important that you get back to your general practitioner, say I willsign any release form possible, that you would require, to give me a betterquality of life because I have chosen not to undergo conventional therapy


If you're diagnosed with cancer, Dr. Michael Farley says you're in trouble, especially if you see an oncologist. He says they're generally good people, but find out why they might not be as good a choice as your general practitioner, even when it comes to cancer!

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