Why Support is Key to Healthy Weight Loss

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Interviewer: You touched on weight, healthy weight, and I know you've worked with patients to lose weight as well. What are some of the biggest myths when it comes to weight lose or what we think about weight lose?

Dr. Joel Baumgartner: Yeah everybody wants that quick fix.

Interviewer: Yeah.

Dr. Joel Baumgartner: And so, what we're finding with weight lose is, sometimes it's easy to lose weight. There's a million different starvation diets, you can do HCG injections, and so there's all kinds of ways to lose weight. We're finding the hardest thing is to actually create true health in a patient or client, which is permanent weight lose solutions. You're losing the weight slowly, you're keeping it off, you're making lifestyle changes. What we really focus on at (??) Medical is not just teaching people how to lose the weight. We can get people to look good in skinny jeans. We can get them to lose 100 pounds. But our goal is to educate them on how to go shopping, how do you cook, how do you read labels, how do you decide what does this carbohydrate do, good versus bad carbohydrates, good versus bad fats, how much protein do I need. And we really push making lifestyle changes. So, as we tell our clients, OK, you've got to do something for 6 weeks before it becomes habit. The cool thing is though, 6 months from now that client who was struggling getting motivated to get up and lose the weight and do the right thing, 6 months from now it's just part of their routine. They crave that exercise. They kind of get a high off of looking at labels and eating right. And then the cool thing from that is then they're telling their kids "Hey Sally, this is why we eat this way." Sally was heading down this path, now Sally is heading down this path. She going to be a healthy little girl. She's going to be a health body weight, a good self-image, and so it's really awesome because we're not just changing that client's life, but they trickle and effect the rest of their family too. 

Interviewer: What's the biggest key to getting to that 6 week period where it becomes a habit. Because a lot of people can make a change for a week, maybe two, but then they start to swerve back.

Dr. Joel Baumgartner: Yeah. You got to have support. We're finding too, we have amazing personal trainers. We've got amazing medical staff. And so, you have to have staff from a professional. You have to have the right education to get there, which our trainers do. We have a lot of online training we do. But then we always tell people "You need a circle of friends." Just like an alcoholic needs a circle of friends to keep them accountable. People that are struggling with being healthy, it's the same thing. When you feel like "Gosh, I'm kind of depressed, I'm stressed out, I'm going for that Big Mac," you have your friend you dial on speed-dial: "Hey, can we go for a walk and just get a tea or something?" So it's that support group, that circle of friends, encouraging their family to go through that journey with them: "Hey honey, I love you, we're both heading down one way, let's do this together. Let's start riding a bike. Let's start eating right, eating better." So again, it's getting that support around you to help our.


Dr. Joel Baumgartner is the owner of Rejuv Medical. He discusses healthy weight loss, one of the many things he helps clients with. Find out what you need to learn to lose weight and keep it off and why support is so important for that goal.

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