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Interviewer: Doctor, you talk about genetically modified foods quite a bit.  Dowe know much about them?  I mean, they're relatively new.  Do we knowthe long term effects? And why do we always hear to try to stay away fromthose?

Dr. BobDeMaria:  Well, that is probably one of the biggest challenges that we aredealing with as a society in America today.  Europeans will not takegenetically engineered food from us.  As a matter of fact, a year or twoago, the European government was not accepting beef from America, because ofall the chemicals, etcetera.  The Americans came back and said,"Okay, we're not going to take your Italian cheese."  And it'skind of like, "What is going on here?"  You know.  

Geneticallyengineered products really didn't start really big about the early 1990's. And probably the biggest culprit we have to deal with is Monsanto.Monsanto is the one that creates the seeds.  They have seeds that don'treplicate themselves.  They have altered these seeds genetically, and Ihave done a lot of research on this genetically modified; what's going on isit's a genetically modified organism.  What they're doing is they'retricking these organisms, like they'll take the gene from a fish - sole,flounder - that's used to cold and put it in a tomato plant, so the tomatoplant will be resistant to frost.  And they're creating these geneticallyengineered organisms.  They often times will use a virus to alter thegenetic potential of what's going on inside of those foods, and it's literallytricking our bodies.  You see, our bodies have certain templates that theyhave to follow, so they're using these genetically modified seeds, sosupposedly, they'll be more resistant to pests and herbicides.  

WhatMonsanto then developed is Roundup.  Roundup is the herbicide that they'llspray on these plants.  These plants will not die because they've beendesigned to be resistant to that herbicide, but it kills all the little otherplants and weeds around, and it makes farming a lot easier.  

In thehuman body, there are certain cells that interlock with each other. It's prettymuch like the C and the T.  Once you alter that, you're altering normalphysiology.  When you alter normal physiology, what's going to happen isyou're going to have digestive distress, you're going to start having chronicallergies, and I know that the big challenge in America today, that we'rehaving all this gluten sensitivity, the perfect example is wheat.  We havegenetically engineered wheat, and we have genetically engineered soy. Seventypercent more of the soy in the United States today is genetically engineered. Usually it's extracted using hexing.  This is a biblical principle.And I don't want to start throwing the bible out to people, but in the bibleGod said, "Eat food from seed bearing plants."  There issomething called, are you ready for this, big new word, epigenetictransgenerational diseases.  Epigenetic, this is going to be a new word,epigenetic transgenerational disease conditions caused by altered RNA and DNA.

There isa very wise dentist, and his name is Melvin Page.  Padenger cats, they hadcats at an island, they changed the food in certain of the cats, and wiithin ageneration or two, those cats were negatively effected.

What's happeningin America today is we have kids that were born in the seventies, and thenthose kids had kids, and then those kids had kids, and in that interim in thenineties, these children are having more children.  But we're eating moreand more and more food that's genetically altered.  I believe that's theproblem with obesity.  

They'vedone studies with laboratory animals that they have fed them the geneticallymodified food, and they pass away, they die.  What do they do that for?Our bodies can't function on cellular food that's been altered.  I'm goingto bring this back up here again.  This is a normal fat molecule. You see fat molecules are C shaped, normal in nature.  You modifythat.  Let's just say you have genetically engineered soy oil, and thenyou heat it with a metal catalyst, and it twists, this is double trouble. So now you're trying to put in a trans fat from genetically modified soyoil into the human body.  Twenty five percent of the fat we consume todaycomes from genetically engineered soy oil.  Imagine the magnitude.  

We haveall these bizarre health problems from eczema, and asthma, and ADHD, and painsyndromes.  I read some research about how gluten, which is usually comingfrom this genetically modified wheat; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, that'sALS, and MS, you have all these bizarre neurological conditions today.  Itcomes back to some very simple principles.  Your brain sends messages on alayer of fat. That layer of fat is called the myelin sheath.  You can'tfool Mother Nature, as wise as we think that we could. I have a rule I tell mypatients, where I speak at throughout the United States, you have God made, andman tampered.  Man tampered will never be better than God made.  Youcannot take an oil or a seed and modify it without altering the physiology in aperson's body. 

I've beenpracticing since 1978.  I never in the world would have thought I wouldhave seen the number of bizarre health challenges that I'm dealing with today. I practice clinically as a chiropractor, but I'm also a drugless doctor,and I would have never had thought I'd be having these individuals coming inthat have chronic fatigue, and MS, and lupus, and skin conditions based on thefoods that they're eating, because I do diet sheets on everybody.




Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses genetically modified organisms. Find out why plants are modified and what that might mean to people that eat them. Dr. Bob talks about the increased number of conditions that people have and how that might be related to gmos.

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