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Scott:  You talk about getting your teeth drilled.  For many years, well, decades, once the tooth was drilled it was filled with amalgam fillings, which contained mercury.  What does that exposure do over the long term?  Many people have had those fillings in for... for decades?

Ramiel Nagel:  So, the liability of having mercury in people's teeth is nothing, is something that very few dentists and the FDA and the government, they don't want to talk about.  Because there is absolutely no question that it is completely insane to put something more toxic than plutonium and implant this toxic metal in people's heads.  It's crazy.  It can cause all kinds of things.  But, just for your listeners, the worst thing about mercury, the thing that really gets people is if they have different metals in their mouth, like a mercury and a crown or something.  Or gold and mercury.  And those dissimilar metals create an electrical current.  And it can short circuit your whole system and kind of make people really whacked out.  

The mercury's also leaching in the system.  Of course it's going to affect your digestion.  Because our teeth, that's our... this is the beginning of our digestive tract.  So here we have all these people, they're not eating good food.  Now we're going to stick metal, toxic metal in their mouth.  It's going to restrict their bodies' ability.  

There's other problems with dental treatments.  They put this high speed drill in there, the tooth rotates.  They crank your mouth open, the jaw compresses and gets injured.  When dentistry is done when it's not needed, it's very traumatizing to the body.  In the instances when it's needed, it helps people.  But a lot of times it's not needed, because people are nutritionally deficient, they're not drilling deficient. 


So many people have mercury fillings in their mouths for years, if not decades. What is the potential risk with that long term exposure? Ramiel Nagel discusses this and explains what he thinks the worst thing about mercury fillings is. He also discusses some other potential risks from what he calls unneeded dental procedures.

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