Xanthohumol: Better Than Resveratrol?

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Stephen E. Langer, MD:  Another really important thing is that we know that
our livers are the major detoxifiers in the body, among other things. They
do hundreds of different things, but it's one of the main detoxifying
organs of the body. Xanthohumol tends to protect the liver, and in
experimental circumstances, Xanthohumol protected the liver from fibrosis
when it was exposed to very harmful toxins, including carbon tetrachloride,
which is cleaning fluid. It's one of the most harmful liver toxins there
is. If Xanthohumol was used, fibrosis was slowed down or reversed, so it's
an important protectant of liver function

Xanthohumol has also been found important in wound healing because of its
anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. And along these lines, it's
also been shown experimentally to be beneficial in organ rejection in
tests, you know, experimental conditions, where organs have been
transplanted. So you have all of these anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-
adipogenesis benefits in all of the different systems of the body. It makes
Xanthohumol one of the most versatile, unique molecules, particularly the
antioxidant flavonoid class, that's every been discovered.

Interviewer: Mm-hmm.

Stephen E. Langer, MD: And if it's taken in healthy concentrations, it's
totally non-toxic to be used by human beings. It's being used... it's very
popular now in Europe. They have Xanthohumol beverages, functional
beverages. If they haven't already done it, they've been working for some
time to do Xanthohumol-enhanced beer.

So if people want to drink beer, they can get a little shot extra of
Xanthohumol. But if you want to get Xanthohumol in the healthiest type of
way, you want to get a concentrate that has no preservatives, no additives,
and no alcohol. There's no reason to take alcohol. You can get all the
benefits of a healthy dose of Xanthohumol, all the antioxidants and all the
other benefits, without any of the alcohol preservatives or additives by
just taking it as a concentrate which is primarily what I recommend.

Interviewer: What kind of amounts do you talk about? When somebody's
looking for a supplement or concentrate, what should they be looking for?

Dr. Langer: A good, healthy amount is about five milligrams. I would say
five milligrams a day would be sufficient. It's not a huge dose, but it's a
beneficial dose. There's one other thing that's really important. I mean,
people who are health-savvy are conscious of the benefits of the red wine
antioxidant called Resveratrol. People drink red wine, and Resveratrol has
been all over the news.

There's been an experimental study that showed that one of the Xanthohumol
benefits is actually 200 times more powerful than Resveratrol, which is an
incredible statement. It makes it all the more interesting. A supplement
for a person to be taking for their overall wellness. I take it,
personally, every day. I think it's a wonderful supplement and a wonderful
addition to my supplement regimen.

Interviewer: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Langer: For the reasons that I just discussed, I think that it's safe
for most people, but again, with the caveat being a physician, that if you
have any questions whatsoever, particularly if you're suffering from any of
the conditions that we discussed, do not change anything that your doctor
is doing without talking to your physician first and, you know, getting
their advice and consent before using this or any other nutritional

Dr. Stephen Langer discusses the benefits of xanthohumol for liver health and detoxification. He also cites recent studies that indicate than xanthohumol may be up to 200 times more powerful than resveratrol!

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