You Might Be Surprised at What the Greatest Toxicity Risk is!

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Scott: When we talk about environmental toxins, and we're all different, we all live in different areas, but generally speaking, what is the greatest exposure that we face, on average I guess?

Mark Schauss: Wow.  It's, I think the greatest exposure is the fact that we get exposed to multiple, small amounts of different toxins.  There's something called a NOEL, which is 'no effect, observed effect' on that organism.  And it's a very low amount, but when they start adding them up, they find out that it's not cumulative, it's sometimes logarithmic.  That three toxins, you don't add up their risks together, you just multiply them.  And then you find out that those three can cause some real serious issues and right now the evidence is saying we have about 200 different chemicals in our bodies, at any given moment, anywhere we live in this world.  And that's significant.  And when we start looking at that and what are the effects?  What kind of genes are we turning on that's never been turned on before? And most of these chemicals didn't exist 50 years ago.

Scott: Right.  Do you find that most people really have no idea how many toxins they come in contact with each day?

Schauss:  When I go out to the public, they're stunned.  When I talk at these conferences, they're not surprised, they're frustrated.  Because they know, and it's just, how do they tell the general population that we have this problem?  The general population does not understand it, is clueless and quite often goes into denial.  They say, no, that's not possible.  Even when you show them the evidence, then they want to shut it down.  They don't want to talk to you anymore, because it depresses them.  And I always have to be careful in my speeches, not to depress people because the evidence is so scary.  We do have a real, major problem.  


Mark Schauss is an expert in toxins and environmental toxicity. Here he discusses what he says is the greatest risk, on average, in terms of toxicity that most people are exposed to. Also find out, on average , how many toxins most people have in their body.

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